You can be Happy, You can be Healthy, You can be Wealthy, You can be what You want to be….You’ve the choice, You’re in control, You’ve the power in You to live the Life You want and deserves….We’re here to help You do that. Its easier than you think …. begin your journey today for a better tomorrow.


Enrich yourself with our courses, services n products. Seek answers to deep-seated questions with our Seer thru’ Tarot, Crystal Ball reading or Aura reading. Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with Crystal Healing or Reiki. Harness positive energy into your home and office with Crystal Power Grid (its better than fengshui). Create Crystal Mandala to manifest your goals and desires. Engage the assistance of the Four Elements thru’ Magick….we’ll help you to know, to understand and to harvest the true nature of these powerful forces within yourself and nature.

Be the master of your own destiny.

Our mission is to promote Wholistic Way™ of living through Right Understanding n Right Approach.
Crystal HealingThe key to Wholistic Way™ of Living is BALANCE !!! No Extremes … Nothing Fanatical … its the Middle Way.
The Wholistic Way™ is about taking charge of your own life, it is about Self-responsibility. Do Not Blame others for your problems, that includes your spouse, partner, parents, siblings, friends and the environment.
The Wholistic Way™ is about knowing who you are, what you want, be yourself. It is
The Wholistic Way™ is about letting-go of the past n living in the present, it is Self-Love.
The Wholistic Way™ is about taming our mind, controlling our mind, it is Self-Discipline.
The Wholistic Way™ is about gentleness, not about power. There’re no “powerful” healing system.
The Wholistic Way™ is the Way for Total Wellness and Wholeness.

Pioneer in creation of Crystal Mandala since 1998

New Event : Crystal Mandala of Prosperity

Prosperity Mandala – Abundance in Health & Wealth

Crystal Healing Techniques,
Crystals Tidbits,
Cleanse Your Home and Office.

We’ve faith in the ultimate capacity of the common man to advance towards higher goals.
We recognize the greatest gift to another person may be for them to develop and exercise their own capacities.


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