Crystal Mandala

Crystal Mandala is an array of layout utilizing various crystals energy and employing the sacred geometry to create a specific energy grid that can assist individual to achieve healing, personal empowerment, relationships harmony, and attain successful and well establishment in monetary gain through career, business etc so to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

In 1999, Medha Tan started the 1st Crystal Mandala Walk inspired during crystal divination meditation named as Initiation to the Millennium Year. Her work continued and expanded to allow each individual to have his personal crystal mandala to work on to achieve his goal/s.

There are two forms of mandala that one can harness to meet the desire goals.
1.Crystal Mandala Meditation where participant sits in an array of crystal formation so to receive energy for healing, balance and booster to the chakras and aura. During the meditation, personal Guardians and Celestials will be called upon to assist the work.

We do constantly hold crystal mandala meditation sessions created for specific intention base on Cosmic movement to help us stay strong and focus, re-root and continue to connect our energy cord with the earth force field.  Enormous energy surge arises constantly, unfolds herself on a magnificent scale and her ever evolving dynamic charge circuit brings great effect and affects every Beings. Crystal Mandala meditation aims to assist each individuals to achieve synchronization to this vast rapid movement of the magnetic force field, to shine like a beacon of light connecting well with the Cosmos

2. Personal Crystal Mandala is a palm-size mandala specially created to achieve individual goal/s. Owner will have his personal mandala to meditate/carry as often as required. Specific technique will be taught when one ordered his/her personal mandala. This personal mandala is created base on individual needs hence no one has a similar array of crystals. This is a custom made mandala tailored according to personal vibration.

Personal mandala array utilises high frequency stones only. We highly recommend gemstones for its high and precision of energy. The lustre and sharpness of colour are the expressions of their purity in essence that can transform energy in a vast, swift and large scale. They have the power to infuse intentive and intensive energy to increase and fine tuned ones magnetic force field and magnetizes the positives.

To create personal mandala, some personal information will be required so Medha can create your mandala to meet your goal/s.