Aura Reading


What is Aura ?

Aura is the energy field that you emit and it is like an invisible ( to an un-trained eye ) egg-shaped force field that envelopes you. Your auric field is an extention of yourself and it reflexes your life, your health, your strength and weakness. It also indicates obstacles you face in life.

What is used to read your Aura ?

Our professional psychic — Medha — reads your Aura with her Third-Eye and interprets its condition and significant to you. Her Third-Eye is her tool for Aura reading. She can also read the aura of a person from a photograph.

How will Aura reading help you ?

There are many situations in which Aura reading can reveal the real cause of the problem. For example :–

~~~ Reveal diseases that are yet to manifest into the physical form so that you can
avoid it from happening.

~~~ Reveal obstacles you have created in your subconscious mind — why you can’t 
find love, why your career is stagnant, why people can’t get along with you and 
vice versa…….

~~~ Reveal weakness in your character, illness you are prone to have.

~~~ Reveal hidden potential for you to make good use of your talent.

All the above and more can be revealed through Aura reading and the appropriate remedy and action can then be taken.

Is our method of reading different from those taken with an Aura camera and a computer printout ?

Yes, it is totally different. The Aura-picture taking is just for fun and will not serve any real purpose. The system uses a computer program to collect bio-feedback from the two hand-pad that you placed your palms on. And a camera to take your picture. The computer interpretes the bio-feedback and then add colors to your picture. Finally you get a picture of yourself with colors and you think its your Aura. No its just a gimmick. If you take two pictures of yourself consecutively, the two will appear different and you get different computer interpretation. This tells you that the system is not reliable.

What is the cost and How long will the session takes ?

Fee is $100.oo and its about 30 minutes. Don’t worry about the time because you can ask as many questions as you need to regarding your Aura. Our main concern is for you to have all your questions answered.

* Time is not the governing factor when we do your reading. We do not ends a session because the time is up or charge you more for extended time. The above stated time is to give you an idea of how long it will take for a reading so that you can plan your other activities. Our approach and concern is to allow you to ask all the questions that you seek answers to and not be limited by time.

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