Crystal Ball Reading

Look into the depth of the Crystal Ball to see your life journey. The Crystal Ball is a very powerful tool use to access the deepest psyche to reveal messages within you. Crystal Ball reading can reveal situations or issues related to your subject in question but did not occur as important for you to ask. This the the main difference between Crystal Ball reading and Tarot reading.

Allow our seer Medha Tan (Ms) to help you in seeing the true path.

Fee: $200.oo *

* Time is not the governing factor when we do your reading. We do not ends a session because the time is up or charge you more for extended time. The above stated time is to give you an idea of how long it will take for a reading so that you can plan your other activities. Our approach and concern is to allow you to ask all the questions that you seek answers to and not be limited by time.

{ Medha teaches Crystal Ball reading for advance student who are keen in MetaPhysical arts. }

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