Crystal Grid


A Grid is a formation of lay-lines creating a very strong vortex of Life Force energy. The Grid work is created with specific purpose and focus on the intended goal.

Crystal Grid is very effective in achieving the desired results due to the powerful energy that are in the Crystals and the “programbility” of the Crystals to focus on specific goals.

One of the main application of Crystal Grid is to bring in Positive Energy (sheng qi) into an environment ie your home, offices, factories….This is to change and to enhance the energy (feng-shui) of the place. In fact the setup of a Crystal Grid over-rides the concept of feng-shui in bringing in Life Force into the environment. We called this Positive Energy Grid or PEG.   More about PEG here.

This is due to the fact that you occupied existing premises, your home and office are pre-built. They are not built in relationship to your good ‘kua’ number for good results, if you’re lucky you may find one that happens to suit you, but what about the other people in the family or office. Unless you’re designing and building from scratch, otherwise the approach of feng-shui faces a lot of restriction in practice.

Feng-shui works very well for the farming communities in olden China. In fact original Feng-shui practice is base on the study of geography,  weather pattern and seasons, it can be said to be rather scientific and logical. Unfortunate to see that the good values of these practice are presently corrupted with superstitious installation of electric water-fountain, hanging of paintings etc.  These modern day feng-shui guys did not realise that electrical gadgets is actually bad feng-shui because of the electro-magnetic field that’s created by it (what a joke).

A Crystal Grid will cover the whole premise with Life Force (sheng qi), everyone in it will benefit from these positive Life Force. It is very accommodative in its setting up and it can move with you to a new location.

Quality natural Crystals are used for the Crystal Grid. The size of the Crystals will relates to the floor area of the premise, our professional will assess the appropriate requirement, install and activate the grid for you.

For more details, visit us with your floor plan of your premise.

Feedback on Crystal Pyramid Grid:

“Just to share with you that everyone who visited my new home have been giving me very positive feedback in terms of good feeling, warmth and feeling comfortable. Common comment is that it is a beautiful and nice place. Recently had a gathering with some close friends and his little son feels so comfortable that he climb on my bed to play. The comment my friend made was that it is a good house otherwise kids will not do what his son is doing. Felt very happy and glad by his remarks.
Believed the cleansing and setup of the pyramid does works.” – May Fong

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