Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Modern technology use crystals in many products, these include computers, ultrasound devices, watches, communication systems, laser technology etc. This is due to the fact that crystals can Store, Amplify, Transform, Focus and Transfer energy. This is know as Piezoelectric effect. If you are reading this, please give thanks to the crystals in your computer for making this possible.

Because of the above properties, you can use Crystals on yourselves to improve your life — may it be for your physical health, emotional balancing, mental clarity and focus or spiritual well-being.  Visit Crystal Property.

Crystals are the beautiful creation of mother nature in its abundance of colours and forms. Individual crystal has its unique energy pattern that helps you to heal and balance yourself. Let the crystals help you to experience love, peace, harmony, health, abundance and all the wonderful things in life

1)  Crystal Healing Beginner Certification Course N You

This course is designed to assist you to understand the use of the different Crystals n Stones as well as to usher in the right frequency to activate the chakra system, clear auric field and achieve balance in body-mind-spirit.
In the workshop, you will :

  1. Gain greater insight and knowledge on many Crystals and Stones
  2. Know the purpose of the different type of Crystal Pendulum used
  3. Understand the 15 different movements of the Pendulum
  4. Use the Pendulum to check one’s chakras and areas of blocks
  5. Use Crystals to cleanse, activate, energise and protect oneself
  6. Learn Crystal Layouts to cleanse the emotional and mental bodies, and
    consciously reprogram the mind
  7. Develope your capability to “tune-in” to various Crystals
  8. Learn to create and activate Crystal grids

Gain practical experience in Crystal-Laying for specific healing for self n others.
Each participant will be guided to ensure safe application in applying the Crystal arrays. The course will include a package of 12 pieces of Crystal and reading material for each participant. Certificate will be issued to students who have successfully completed the training.

Value: $420.oo  w/12 pcs of Crystals, reading material n certificate
Duration: 2 sessions

2)  Crystal Healing Intermediate Certification Course

The Intermediate Course continues where the Beginner Course left off. This is a 2-day program designed to accelerate personal growth and spiritual empowerment. There will be inner working with the haric field which is a dimension deeper than the auric field. You will be introduced to high energy crystals and Master Crystals

This workshop includes :

Learning the properties and uses of Master Crystals ;
Practical applications of Master Crystals’ energy;
Learn more healing grid work for cleansing, mental advancement and material wealth;
Learn Pentagram Perfection;
Learn Twelve-star Crystal Grid;
Learn Advance Crystal Arrays for self-empowerment;
Medha TanIntuitive placement for advance healing layout;
Training in the professionalism of Crystal Healing and guidelines for setting up a practise is given in this course.
Value:  $800.oo  w/ certificate, 1 Master Crystal n reading material
Duration: 2 sessions

3)   Also Available are :-

~ Crystal Healing Advance Course,
~ Crystal Teacher Course.

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Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is conducted by Medha Tan (Ms) who have extensively work on the art of crystal healing since 1993. She is co-owner of metaphysical company Able N Trust (S) and Sántan Center.

She has faith in the ultimate capacities of the common man to advance towards higher goals.

Her extensive knowledge on the healing power and use of crystals comes from her personal meditation and experience in applying laying-on-of-stones. Her field of expertise includes Tarot reading, Yoga, Reiki, Consultation and Therapy, construction of Crystal Mandalas and setting up of Crystal Grid for homes and offices.

Medha has been featured on various TV programs,  radio and magazine interviews on the healing power of Crystals. TV: Alternate State, Googles, Infusion Radio: Capital 95.8FM, The Living Room Mag: IS, Her World, Elle, Urbanite+e, Female, Vaidurya, Prestige.

In the modern society, stress is the main contributor of imbalances in your life. Stress can be a result from work, family, relationship, money, status quo, social expectation and personal losses. There are many stress related problems and diseases. Symptoms such as insomnia, mood swing, nervous tensions, emotional and mental instability are the early signs. In more serious development, it can manifest in physical form resulting as cancers, ulcers, heart diseases, respiratory disorders, backaches, headaches, migraine, listlessness … more on Stress-Related Disease.