Crystals Tidbits

Angelic choir arrived...
Each has a slender body similar to laser wand configuration. When gently rolled with one another they produce crispy clear resonance. They sing for the Celestially. The clear light tone resonates with the celestial worlds, provides communication channel with angels, spirits, stars and planets for whom involved in spirits works.To have a singing quartz with (carry, meditate, layout), it assists in strengthening communication skills, enhances vocal expression. In a higher octave, it can stimulate clairaudience. When I held it in my hand, I can feel a flow of sweet happy energy filling my heart. Moods are uplifted, joy settles in. You don’t feel dense body instead joints get lighter and flexible. One may wants to dance now ) So rigidity disappears….. spirited feeling.
For the next 15 minutes, energy flows into chakras. Each chakra is toned up and fine tune. This work continues until the energy body is proper align to the right rhythm.
In addition, this group comes with some master configuration like twins, double terminations, channeling, transmitter and self healed. A grand performance indeed! #MedhaTan


After the introduction of the Brazil #singingquartz, I returned the next day to find a pool of shining aura from the smokey quartz from Mongolia. These crystals came in last year and was hastily put on the shelf, (my bad). When I took a moment with one of them, I saw the word ‘Earth song’. Pretty amazed, I rolled two pieces together and they sing in the crispy clear tone! Another choir on board! 😄

They are known as black quartz coz of the dark body. They sing for the earth, for individual’s earthstar. The clean clear tone cleanses worry, fear and anxiety that saturated our earth which create obstacles in our life. Its smokey clear tempo sweeps these negativities away and further help to re-install and expand our earth space once more; stability reinstate. Mental energy is easier to sync with the physical. Actions are made (reduce procrastination), matters become easier to handle. Life isn’t so difficult after all.

Quartz with Fluid

My first impression of this crystal with water trapped within was ‘my space’; a space to breathe. It’s like a shield from external chaos, harsh and tough challenges that allows one to take a breathing space till one is ready to face the situation again.
When I went deeper with the crystal, I felt I was in a flow. The flow was the state of being in which I feel nothing else matters; feel totally involved in that moment, and happy – like doing things I love or feel passionately about it. I started to gain serenity and remember what is my passion, my talents and this excites my heart, enormous positiveness filling in, confident level rises. A sphere of pure light flow into my solar plexus, I felt strong and whole. When I returned from my meditation, I just sense my life journey becomes more complete and I’m with-in my flow.

Apophyllite crystal came from India. it has a pyramid look-like configuration and that explains when I held it in my palm, energy flows from the apex to its base and spread through my palm. Very invigorating mineral indeed. When I held it for meditation, with two apophyllite each in a palm. I felt pyramidal-energy formed around me. Intense energy, definitely, but stimulating sensation…lots of pumped-in energy to your auric field… felt like my roar can be heard in ten miles )
I continued to place on all my chakra points. Needless to say, I have a double boost. Excellent, I cleared up my storeroom in a few hours.

In summary my recommendation is you can use 7 apophyllites to place on 7 chakra points with only 10-15mins laying on. If you feel too much intensity of energy, use some grounding stones to release. That’s because your channel of flow is still trying to adapt to the power energy. If you are using for meditation, the strength should be at your comfort zone. Continuation will bring good charge up to your 4 bodies.

Sphaerocobaltite is a cobalt carbonate mineral with rose red colour that expresses itself a sweet, lovely and full of vibrant energy. It stimulates creativity, uplifts moods and promote positive feelings thus one can develop constructive and positive speech with others. Work on the heart chakra, helps to dispel sadness and soreness and continuation of application facilitates re-connection with inner self. Hold sphaerocobaltite on both hands in meditation can increase ones aura to be more loving and sweet. You may visualize the sweet pink light flow into your heart chakra, and flow into your whole body and radiating the sweetness out through your breathing and pores of skin. Feel your aura sweetness and light, allow loving energy to flow into you. Have joy, love and appreciation to and of yourself.
Spessartite is a orange mineral that belongs to garnet group. It is one of the rare form of garnet. Its bright orange speaks of power and strong will. It is use for enhancing confident and attractiveness, and increasing personal magnetism. It stimulates solar plexus chakra to increase ones manifestation power and navel chakra for stronger connectivity with people. It boosts confident and enhance materialisation of ones desire. It is a good stone to use for acquiring abundance and prosperity. Hold the crystal to your solar plexus, draws in the orange ray into solar plexus till you can feel the warm sensation. Encourage your strength and desire, continue to meditate for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes you may encounter cleansing to your solar plexus due to past issues. I recommend you to hold malachite druzy and black tourmaline to aid smooth clearing. 
Vanadinite exhibits fiery red druzy that speaks loudly of its presence. It vanadium concentration crystalizes in short hexagonal tabular habit resembles sturdiness, growth and power.  It is an essential crystal one should carry to increase connectivity on earth as well as make ones presence ‘recognisable’. Work with this crystal to infuse ones aura with sparks and energy. As when  you have made your presence known, it will continue to assist one in furthering influences the surroundings with his aura. Place this crystal on base chakra with the other lay-on of stones. Or you can hold in your palms and channel its energy into  your navel and base chakra for creativity and charisma.

Malachite druzy, an extraordinary crystalline formation from Shaba Zaire, provides deep cleansing and healing energy to physical and emotional body. The druzy carries a much more energy that can help clear space / area of dense energy of sadness and anger. Use together with black tourmaline assist the purification process to be quicker and thorough. 

The rich deep green malachite druzy carries a higher level of energy that can ‘cleanse’ away the pattern of ‘money-depletion’ cycle. The green nourishes the ‘lack of” feeling and provides healing into ones deep-seated  social-money-self behaviour pattern to a more positive money-self relationship.

Place/hold malachite on heart chakra, another hand with balck tourmaline apex directly outwards. Use deep circular breathing to release negatives.

Celestial Quartz also known as Candle Quartz. This crystal comes from Madagascar. It has a very unique creamy-brown body surrounded with small terminations and shows a very clear hexagon print at its base. This quartz helps to align physical energy to the ones earthstar, brings alignment and groundedness, it re-stablizies what has been scattered, distorted and re-inforce inner strength. Meditating with the celestial quartz helps one to open up ones spiritual path, enable one to connect with the true aspect of self, know what the life task on earth. The energy of the celestial brings strength and steadfastness to meet challenges.

To increase ones energy, can combine vanadinite crystals by placing vanadinite on base chakra, celestial quartz at the soles of feet. It’ll be more complete and effective to have other chakras placed with appropriate crystals.