Eight Temples Of Wealth

Eight Temples of Wealth Mandala Meditation

Eight Temples Of Wealth mandala represents Inner wealth, Physical wealth, Family wealth, Career wealth, Circle of Genius wealth, Prosperity wealth, Potential wealth, Wealth of Happiness.

Inner wealth is of personal virtues, characters, personal elements, aura and soul healing.
Physical wealth is of health vitality, physical condition with environments; to be in right place in doing the right things.
Family wealth strengthens love bonds, peace & harmony and protects family and self.
Career wealth provides career stability, opportunities for advancement and achievement.
Circle of genius wealth supports meeting people of positiveness & guidance, helpful people, release negative influences and seek celestial guidance.
Prosperity wealth blesses good luck, increases affluence and abundance. Protection of valuables and safekeeping of wealth.
Potential wealth opens up wisdom, unleashes hidden potential so that life is meaningful and enriching.
Wealth of Happiness enhances your every undertaking, makes people-meeting joyful and fulfilling. To be in flow and align with Cosmic.

This grid utilises clear quartz sphere, gem kunzite, star ruby, gem ruby, hexagon ruby and gem garnet. Sit in the circle and consciously bring in the symbol, we summon the energy to our eight temples of wealth for continuity. It is evokes with four directions North, South, East, West, and with four elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water. In combination with the sacred geometry and crystal power dynamism ‘Now’ – this moment the only one we have. The All Eight Forces symbolise celestial unity, open up the solar cycle for dynamic work, ensure continuous protection to completion and fulfilment. 

For further enhancement, you may like to bring a representing crystal for each temple. Recommended crystals:
Inner wealth – clear quartz, danburite, golden healer
Physical wealth – ruby, rainbow hematite, red garnet, vanadinite
Family wealth- sphaerocobaltote, rose quartz, amethyst, crystal ball
Career wealth- citrine, spessartite, pyrite, dioptase, emerald, ruby, golden healer
Circle of genius – golden healer, celestite, celestial, elestial
Prosperity wealth- ruby, citrine, emerald, golden healer, garnet, vanadinite
Potential wealth – clear quartz, golden healer, cathedral quartz, danburite, azurite
Wealth of Happiness – kunzite, opal, epidote, emerald, citrine, sphaerocobaltite

Duration of meditation : 1 hour individual session
Cost Fee : $280.oo
Call/text 8726 0038 for appointment