Personal Crystal Mandala


Personal Crystals Mandala is a Divine phenomenon and a Personalized Symbol that carries specific energy vortex to meet your needs. Every piece of crystals and gemstones are carefully selected to suit your vibration.

A personal symbol is harnessed and evoked through the formulated patterns and gemstones. The divine creation is a power circuit angulates the various energies to effect the intent and assist you to actualize your goal, manifesting spirit into matter for personal achievements and transformations. Your Personal Crystals Mandala amplifies the energy, directing the energy in a very concentrated manner to heal the subject so to bring alignment, integration and manifestation to its optimal.

You can said that a “team of specialist is engage in helping you to reach your goal”.

Medha can help you to create your Personal Mandala to meet your specific need. Simply make an appointment with her. Call: 6333 9593 or 8726 0038 or Email

Personal Crystal Mandala