Crystal Mandala


What is a Mandala ?

A Mandala is a sacred space created by one’s inner light attuning with the Cosmic Energy for physical healing, spiritual transformation and integration and alignment of personalities.

What is a Crystal Mandala ?

Crystal MandalaCrystal Mandala is a designed grid work that carries specific energy vortex to meet one’s needs. Different type of crystals are used to actualise one’s goal, manifesting spirit into matter for personal achievements and transformations. To the Right:  A Mandala for Relationship and Love.

Ms Medha Tan creates Crystal Mandala through information channelled through Master Crystals. She shares these knowledge through the Crystal Mandala course that she conducts. This course offers a whole new concept and ways to use crystals’ potential to create abundance consciousness.

To enrol in the Crystal Mandala course, you need to have basic knowledge/know-how of crystal energy and the human energy system (chakras). Otherwise, you may like to start with the Crystal Healing Beginner Course which will provide you with a strong foundation and experience to crystal power.

Alternatively, Medha can help you to create your Personal Mandala to meet your specific need. Simply make an appointment with her. Call: 6333 9593/2 or Email