Crystal Property


General guidelines to the properties of natural minerals

For best result, each Crystal must be selected to meet the exact needs of the individual using it. Our consultant will help you to identify your specific goal and the Crystals that is most suitable for helping you to attain your desires.

Agate Stabilize aura, transform & eliminate negativity, elixir for general health, promote marital
fidelity,protection. Chakra: According to the color of the stone.
Amazonite Soothes nervous system, strengthens heart & physical body. helps creativity &
communication skills. Chakra: Throat.
Amber Allows body to heal itself, calm nerves. Release emotional blockages. Chakra: Navel, Solar
Amethyst Excellent for meditation, control temperament, relief headaches and pain, treats insomnia
and arthritis. Chakra: Crown, 3rd-Eye.
Ametrine Natural combination of Amethyst & Citrine, balances yin/yang, aids meditator to achieve
higher state faster, disperse negativity form aura & fills void with pure light energy, remove
negative emotional programming, combine intellect with spirituality, help in astral travel
providing protection & awareness. Chakra: All
Anyolite composed of Ruby and Green Zoisite, stimulate & amplifies all psychic abilities, increase
awareness of ones individuality, amplifies entire energy field of the body, improves vitality,
treats disorders of heart, also read properties of Ruby & Zoisite. Chakra: Heart, Base.
Apophylite Open energy centres, increase psychic awareness & confident, stimulating & uplifting
energy. Chakra: All
Aquamarine Accelerates intellectual reasoning process, helps attunement to higher spiritual
awareness, stimulate, activates & cleanses the throat chakra, improve vision. Chakra:
Azurite Awakens development of psychic self, provide insight to all areas of ones life, eliminates
indecision & worries, enhances self-confidence, used in meditation allow one to travel deep
within the inner being, excellent 3rd-Eye stone, clear toxins from body. Chakra: 3rd-Eye,
Navel, Throat
Aventurine Activates & clear heart chakra, balances yin/yang, amplifies leadership qualities,
enhance luck in games of chance, treat disorder of lungs, heart, adrenal gland &
muscular systems. Chakra: Heart
Bloodstone Revitalizes love, relationship & friendships, improve talents & abilities, good for all blood
related disorders, stimulate physical strength& courage, revitalize brain tissues, regulate
menstrual flow. Chakra: Base, Navel, Solar, Heart
Calcite Aids kidneys, pancreas, spleen, amplifies energy, promote decalcification of bone growths,
assimilate calcium within the body, alleviates fear, reduces stress. Clears blocks on chakra.
Chakra: According to color of stone
Carnelian Protects against envy, fear & rage, banish sorrow, increase physical energy, personal
power, creativity & compassion, use in treatment of gallstone, kidney-stone, pollen
allergies & cold. Chakra: Navel, Solar
Cat's EyeBrings happiness, serenity, amplify luck, stimulate intuition, enhance awareness,
provides protection, treat eye disorder, increase night vision, relieve headaches & pain
associated with nervous system.
Chrysocolla Ease emotional heartache, renew strength & balance, increases capacity to love,
produce great inner strength, regenerate pancreas, regulate insulin, balance blood
sugar, strengthen muscular structure. Chakra: Base, Navel, Solar, Heart
Chrysophrase balance yin/yang, activates, open, energizes heart chakra & physical body, facilitate
deep meditation, enhance compassion & clemency, promotes non-judgmental
attitudes, heals broken heart, encourage fidelity in business & improves fertility.
Chakra: Heart
Citrine aka "merchant stone", assist merchant in acquiring & maintaining his state of wealth,
excellent stone for smoothing family or group problems, dispel anger, stabilize emotions,
aids digestion, blood circulation. Chakra: Base, Navel, Solar, Heart
Celestite brings serenity& clarity, eliminate stress, worry, & physical exhaustion, brings meditator
to the angelic realms. Chakra: Throat, Crown
Charoite eliminates personal fear & old thinking patterns, creates new possibilities, provide spiritual
insight & inspiration. Chakra: 3-Eye, Crown
Drusy Chrysocolla/Gem Silicaexcellent healing stone for traumatic situation, help one to recognize
identity. Chakra: All
Danburite excellent healer, radiates pure brilliant white light, opens & releases blocks, fills body,
mind and spirit with light, clarity, perceptiveness, self-pride/respect. Chakra: All
Diamond enhance powers of other minerals, bringing strength & endurance to the actions of the
energies, stimulates unity & love of oneself & others, instill trust in relationships,
confidence & fidelity, remove voids from ones aura, manifest abundance in all areas of
ones life. Chakra: Crown
Dioptase strengthens cardiovascular & central nervous system, excellent healer of ulcers, nervous
stomach, heart troubles & blood pressure, vitalizes & tones body & mind, brings
abundance, progress, prosperity & well being. Chakra: Solar, Heart, 3rd-Eye
Emerald brings harmony, quiet the emotions, facilitate intensity & focus in actions, removes
negativity, bring forth positive actions, treat disorder of spine, lungs, heart, & muscular
system. Chakra: Heart
Fluorite aka "Genius stone", stabilizes & produces order within mental, physical, emotional &
spiritual systems, develop high degree of mental capacity & concentration, nurture the
intellect, keep mind clear & calm, balances positive and negative aspect of mind, dissipate
fever, cold/flu symptoms, elixir for mouth ulcer. Chakra: 3rd-Eye
Garnet extracts negative energy & transmutes to beneficial state, balances & stimulate kundalini,
equilibrate sexual energies, prevent & repair damage to RNA/DNA structures. Chakra: Base
Hematite use on forehead to draw-out fever, enhances personal magnetism, attracts "kind" love,
good grounding stone for meditation, treats leg cramps, blood disorder, nervous disorder &
insomnia. Chakra: Base
Herkimer Diamond cleanses subtle bodies, enhance one's tuning ability, improves psychic power &
increase awareness of dreams. Chakra: 3rd-Eye, Crown
Jade increase fertility & longevity, release suppressed emotions via dream process, unite & improve
dysfunctional relationships, provides confidence, remove pain, stimulate health of hair.
Chakra: Heart, Solar
Jasper release bonds of constraint, protects against negativity, align energy of chakras, balance
yin/yang, helps grounding, use in treatment of stomach, liver, bladder, spleen & kidneys.
Chakra: Base, Navel
Kunzite relieve depression, excellent balancer for physical, emotional & mental bodies, enhance
self-esteem, heal wounded heart. Chakra: Heart
Kyanite very positive stone, enhance creative expression, truth, serenity, connection to causal
plane, release stress & confusion, align the chakras. Chakra: Throat, 3rd-Eye
Larimar aids creativity, tranquility, communication, soothes stress & pain, excellent healing stone
for throat infection. Chakra: Throat
Malachite stimulates instinctive & intuitive reasoning, allow change for advancement, improve fidelity
in love & friendship, loyalty in partnership, release of emotional causative factors, treat
asthma, arthritis, swollen joints. Chakra: All
Moonstone enhance positive attributes of creativity & self-expression, cleanses negativity from
chakras, enhance feminine aspects, confidence, calmness, ease PMS & pregnancy,
enhance assimilation of nutrients. Chakra: All
Obsidian color range & related names are varied. Common properties: excellent grounding &
protective stone, shield negativity, disperses unloving thoughts, promotes clear perception
of change needed to eliminate flaws. Chakra: All
*Snowflakebring purity & balance to body, mind & spirit, give user smooth skin & clear eyes.
*Electric Blueexcellent for gazing & journeying, enhance all activities associated with psychic
communication, astral travel & all form of readings, excellent 3rd-Eye stone,
stimulate intuition & awareness, furthering receptivity of subject during healing.
*Sliver sheen good for gazing, bring "advantage" throughout ones life, produces very strong
connection between physical & astral bodies, assuring that one always "come home".
*Gold sheenprovide information on the root of problems or situations, attain communion with the
source of all being, further balance energy.
*Rainbow bring light & love to ones life, for gazing especially on love matters, relationship, bring
gratification & enjoyment.
Opal strengthen memory, instill faithfulness & loyalty in love, personal affiliation & business
relationship, assist in becoming "invisible", awaken psychic & mystical qualities, purify blood
& kidneys, regulate insulin production, strengthen eyesight, bring mental emotional balance,
excellent for clearing & brightening aura, provide stability & clear path for advancement,
release blockages & stimulate blood flow.
Peridot instill openness & acceptance in matters of love & relationships, heal bruised ego, lessen
anger & jealousy, inspire happiness, treatment of heart, lungs, spleen & intestinal tract,
ulcers of stomach. Chakra: Heart
Pyrite unique protector, keeps away all forms of negative vibrations, prevent RNA/DNA damage,
treat bronchitis & disorder of lungs, lessen fever & reduce inflammation. Chakra: Navel, Solar
Quartz most versatile of the mineral kingdom, it is use to amplify, focus, store, transfer & transform energy. It
produces a naturally balance, solid-state energy field & used to amplify physical & mental energy. It can
be used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals & intelligent forces outside the physical
dimension, also to facilitate speaking & receiving information from spiritual & other worldly teachers,
masters & healers. Quartz produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding
atmosphere of positive ions. It cancel harmful effects of radiation & radioactivity. Worn or carried, it is a
physical & mental energizer, it protects our aura, strengthens the immune systems & defense against
diseases. It is one of the seven precious gems of Buddhism & stones on the breastplate of high priest, it is
used to render negative energy impotent, to dissolve enchantment & spells, & to destroy all black magic. The following
structures of clear quartz have additional properties:
*Clusterenhance harmony & peace in homes & offices, ideal for cleansing & charging other
*Crystal Ball a symbol of perfection, send energy into all directions, good for smoothing
communication in group gathering, gazing, meditation. When carried it enhance the
aura of the person for protection.
*Laser Wandpowerful tool to project healing energy & create protective barriers around person,
object & place. Energy is extremely well focused via the small termination.
*Generator magnify energy, stimulate all portions of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual &
subtle bodies. Use in any healing situation.
*Elestialrelease blockages of chakras, good grounding stone, stabilizer, treats epilepsy &
schizophrenia, activates 3rd-Eye.
*Smokey Qtz excellent for grounding, activates survival instinct of the first chakra, allow one to feel
more love.
*Rose Qtz aka "Love stone", comforts & heals any wounds of the heart, teaches the power of
forgiveness & true love. Excellent for Heart chakra.
*Rutilated Qtzregeneration of body tissues, enhance life force, strengthens immune system,
stimulates brain functions, facilitates inspiration, transmutes negativity.
** There are many more variety of Quartz classified as MasterCrystal. Each has specific application.**
Rhodocrositeused in treatment of kidneys, heart & circulation of blood, heal emotional wounds and
induce ones confident to love again, aids expression of feeling.
Chakra: Solar, Heart, Throat
Rhodonite good for the central nervous system, thyroid gland & pancreas, strengthens immune
system, eases physical/emotional traumas, absorbs negativity & sooths pain.
Chakra: Solar, Heart
Ruby induce stability in wealth, arrest leakages of energy from chakras, excellent shielding,
protection against psychic attacks, treats fever & heart disorder. Chakra: Base, Heart
Sapphire rid unwanted thoughts, brings joy & peace, sustains gifts of life, fulfills dreams & desires, treats
disorder of blood, strengthens walls of veins. Chakra: According to color of stone.
Sodalite awakener of 3rd-Eye, good for the oversensitive, improve qualities of companionship,
encourage self-esteem & trust in self & others. Chakra: 3rd-Eye, Throat.
Selenite aid in concentration & clarity of mind, calm & clear troubled/confused state of mind, assist
in acquisition of materialistic goals in business, enhance will power, strengthen bones &
teeth. Chakra: Crown
Smithsonite provides leadership qualities, remedy uncomfortable situations, activates all chakras,
enhance physical energy & vitality, enhance clairvoyance & clairsentience. Chakra: All
Sugilite enhances function of pineal, pituitary & adrenal glands, activates & balances brain
hemisphere, aids physical healing & purification of bodily systems. Chakra: 3rd-Eye, Crown
Tiger-Eyestimulate wealth, balance yin/yang, enhance psychic abilities, bring optimism & luck,
treats disorder of eyes, throat & reproductive system. Chakra: Base, Solar
Tiger Ironcombination of TigerEye, Hematite & Jasper, assists in creative & artistic endeavors,
stimulate physical vitality, increase blood cell count& production of steroids.
Topaz brings joy & promotes clear communication, attracts friendship & business.
Chakras: According to the color of the stone.
Tourmaline strong healing stone, balance left/right brain, inspires creativity, attracts success,
prosperity & abundance, heals matter of the heart and the Black Tourmaline is a
powerful protective stone. Chakras: According to color of the stone.
Turquoise excellent for spiritual attunement, for healing & cleansing of all energy centres & physical
body, good grounding, bring peace of mind, stimulate romantic love, anti-negativity stone.
Chakra: All
Unakite balance emotional body, release blockages inhibiting ones growth, allows for determination
of ones root cause of disease, use to gain weight, treatment of reproductive system &
enhance healthy pregnancies.
Uvarovite transform energy of intellectual sentiment to energy of love, promotes clarity in the mental
process, brings peace, quiet & solitude, treats disorder of heart, lungs, leukemia, kidney,
bladder & frigidity. Chakra: Heart
Zincite promotes group effort, furthering of relationship, improve hair & skin condition, treatment of
prostate gland. Chakra: Base, Navel
Zircon aka "Stone of Virtue", brings ones virtue back into balance with the universal forces,
promotes unions of body mind & spirit, intensifies the chakras, facilitates continuity in all
endeavours, use in treatment of sciatic nerve, nerve structure, vertigo, mending bones &
muscules, increasing bone stability. Chakra: Heart, 3rd-Eye, Crown
Zoisite transmutes negative energy to positive force-field, dispel laziness & idleness, facilitates
advancement in all areas of ones life, treats disorder of heart, lungs, spleen, pancreas.

This section provides a quick guide to the type of Crystals that will help you to achieve your needs. It list the beneficial qualities of the Crystals in alphabetical order. This helps you to narrow-down your search for Crystals that will assist you to manifest your goals. You will still need to study the details of the suggested Crystal for your specific use or check with our consultant.

abilities, realizing
ability to take things in
achieve, ability to
acid indigestion
acid/alkaline metabolism/balance
action, readiness for/joy of
action, urge for / energy for
adrenal glands
autoimmune diseases
back problems
bad luck, dispel
balance, consistency
beginning, new
behavioural patterns
belief / faith
blocks, energy
blood pressure
decision, making

dioptase, imperial topaz, obsidian, crystal, topaz
prenite, sardonyx, tourmaline
citrine,dioptase, jade
blue agate, kunzite, drusy chrysolla, gem silica, moonstone
fire opal, hematite, ruby, tiger-iron
turquoise, prehnite, emerald
jade, emerald, rose quartz, nephrite
amethyst, ametrine, fire opal, nephrite, onyx, tiger-iron, rhodonite, turquoise, citrine
ametrine, charoite, garnet, jade, jasper, sodalite, sunstone
imperial topaz, jade, rhodochrosite, ruby, rubellite, herkimer diamond
amethyst, onyx
jade, fire opal, ruby, tiger-eye
fire opal
apatite, jasper, nephrite, rose quartz
apophyllite, aquamarine, aventurine, fluorite, rose quartz
dioptase, selenite, citrine
chrysoprase, rose quartz, amethyst, rhodocrosite, rhodonite
apatite, aventurine, lapis lazuli, peridot, rhodonite
imperial topaz, topaz
opal, rhodocrosite, prehnite
apatite, turquoise, emerald
apatite, imperial topaz, clear quartz
onyx, rose quartz, aquamarine
fluorite, garnet, hematite
apophyllite, malachite, rose quartz
boji stone, chrysoprase, rhodocrosite
topaz, citrine, ruby
aquamarine, rhodonite
smokey quartz, mochi ball, quartz point
opal, green tourmaline, citrine, black tourmaline
blue agate, jade, rhyolite
chrysocolla, emerald
chrysoprase, dioptase, emerald, malachite, thulite, rose quartz
garnet, rutiliated qtz, tiger-iron, diopatse
boji stone, chrysoprase, fluorite, garnet, rainbow obsidian, sodalite
amber, larimar, rainbow obsidian, silver obsidian, sunstone
boji stone, garnet, tourmaline (indicolite)
to rise: jasper, rhodocrosite, ruby. to lower: chrysocolla, labradorite, lapis lazuli, sodalite
apatite, calcite, fluorite
amazonite, azurite, diamond, fluorite, larimar, malachite, quartz
rutilated quartz
amethyst, rose quartz, kyanite
aquamarine, emerald, moldvative, moonstone, obsidian, zircon
aquamarine, blue topaz, turquoise, celestite
amethyst, fluorite, quartz, diamond
tiger-eye, sunstone
ametrine, amber, dioptase, garnet, tourmaline
charoite, hawk-eye, tiger-eye, diamond
citrine, diamond, garnet, kunzite, rutilated quartz, sapphire, sunstone
charoite, malachite, sapphire, tiger iron