Crystal Therapy

Crystal  Therapy  with Medha Tan

What is Crystal Therapy ?

It is an ancient healing art of laying-on-of-stones to bring back vitality, strength, health, balance, harmony, power and peace to the receiver. And to explore and enhance the vast hidden potential of the individual.

How is it carried out ?

The recipient is asked to lay on a couch. Various types of Crystals will be place on your vital points. 
The type of crystal used will depend on your condition and purpose. Soothing therapeutic sound and lovely incense will be used to enhance the total experience of healing…..very calming, peaceful and a loving space to total wellness and complete wholeness.

How does Crystal Healing works ?

The process begins with releasing stored negative energies in you. Through the high vibrational  energy of the appropriate Crystals, negative energies are dissipated. This is a very powerful yet gentle process, you may feel the sensation of energy movement. The therapist may change a few sets of Crystal as the session progress.

After the negative energies have been released. New Crystals are placed to heighten and expand your aura. You will be fully charged and harmonised; and ready to face every challenge that come your way.

How long will it take ?

1 to 1½ hr per session. Sometimes, intensive session may take up to 2 hrs  or more.

How do I arrange for a therapy session ?

Make an appointment with Medha by calling 8726 0038 or 333 9593.

What are the charges ?

It is $180.oo per session.

For appointment, call  6333 9593, 87260038 or use the Appointment Form