CitrineGardenWe have the widest range of Crystal collection in Singapore. All our Crystals are imported directly from suppliers overseas and selected for its good energy. This is due to our personal involvement in providing Crystal Therapy and Crystal Healing courses as well many other Crystal related activities such as Crystal Mandala Walk and specialize products such as Crystal Mandala. Our personal experience with the Crystals give us added advantage in helping you to select the appropriate Crystals that will give you maximum direct benefits, and better and faster results.

*New from our sourcing trip: Rare large CrystalBall 90% clear, CrystalBall from Laser Quartz, Spesatite Garnet in matrix, large raw Ruby crystal, Gold/Silver-sheen Obsidian ball, Crystal Pyramid, polished Kyanite wands, beautiful druzy Green Garnet Uravolite, Black Garnet, Rainbow Pyrite and Pink Colbaltite Calcite, Rainbow Hematite, raw Diamonds, sparkling Herkimer Diamonds, good selection of natural Citrine and Laser Quartz points, Celestial Quartz, Singing Crystal, Amber with insects, large Fluorite crystal and cluster, shining Pyrite cluster, Dioptase, Apatite, Spectrolite, Labradorite and many more !

Crystal Mandala is a special collection of specific Crystals for specific manifestation of your goal. Each Crystal Mandala is created for your special needs and it is a very powerful setup helping you to achieve your goal.

Visit us to see our unique collections of Crystals and for details on creating your Crystal Mandala and acheiving your goal. Free consultation on helping to you select the most suitable pieces of Crystals for yourself and your home.

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