D I Y Therapy

Advance Crystal Layout for Aura Healing
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Water Therapy and Urine Therapy

These are therapies you can do for yourself at home. They are very beneficial for your overall well-being. If you have sensitive skin, athlete’s foot, bad breathe, constipation, piles, HBP, arthritis etc, do try out these DIY therapy.

Water Therapy

Constipation, piles, skin problems, heart disease, arthritis, bronchitis, digestive problems, hypertensions and overall well being can benefit from the following method of Water Therapy.

1. Water Therapy is carried out in the morning before you brush your teeth and eating or drinking any other substance.

2. Luke warm water is recommended. Start with 2 big glass (500 ml) and gradually increase intake to 1.26 litre.

3. Your teeth must be gently clutch when you are drinking the water. That means the water are flowing through the gap between the teeth.

4. Do not eat or drinking any other substance within the next 45 minutes after drinking the water.

You can see results within the first two days of Water Therapy.

Urine Therapy
URINE IS NOT A WASTE PRODUCT. Urine contains all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that our body needs. It is where all the extras that have to be removed from the body goes to. The body will only absorb the exact amount that it requires and expels the excess. So the urine is very potent multi-vitamins-minerals-protein, it is no toxic as stated in old outdated information.

Most people are not comfortable with the idea of drinking urine…..don’t force yourself to do it. If you are adventurous, take a few sip just to know what you own urine taste like. It has anti-bacterial property and can rid you of bad breathe.

Urine can be used in other ways besides drinking. Applying urine on the skin helps to heal many skin related problems. Some eg are acne, rashes, eczema, itch cause by allergy or insect bites, oily skin, athlete’s foot, jellyfish stings……Simply dab urine on the areas that need attention, allow it to dry (you can wash the area with water later, but it is not necessary as it will not smell). You will notice that itches will stop very quickly. Eczema will take 2 to 3 weeks of daily application to heal. One suggestion is to apply urine 10 to 15 minutes before you take your shower.

Old urine are very effective for removing oil from your body and face. It will have a strong smell but no worries, it will not stay on you. Apply it on your (oily) face and rinse it with water. You can feel your face to be squeaky clean, no other products work better than your own urine. You don’t have to believe me, find out for yourself. This is how you can go about doing it. Collect your urine in a bottle and leave for a least 3 days (mine are XO grade, I just top them when it gets low). Then apply and shower.

You can use urine therapy as a last resource but don’t say we didn’t tell you earlier.

Advance Crystal Layout for Aura Healing – by Medha Tan

These techniques presented are to assist in re-alignment of the body’s energy system, to enhance and strenghten ones Aura.

Deep Purification

Use eight pieces of black tourmaline, ten pieces of single termination clear quartz for the Deep Purification grid. This array is to assist cleansing of negativity stored in the ethereal and emotional body. The crystals act as purgers to purify what needs to be cleansed to the surface. It serves to release any present traumatic experiences one is going through in the physical body such as high fever or bodily illness or any negativity that has resurfaces once more during ones healing crisis.

Place the single termination clear quartz at the crown chakra, on throat chakra, on the heart center, on the navel point, on the upper thighs, on the knee caps and on the ankles with the apex directing towards the feet. The black tourmaline is laid on the brow chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the base chakra and soles of the feet. On both palms, hold about a palm size black Tourmaline to direct negative forces out of the body.

It is important to have a conscious intention to clear the stagnate energies one is feeling in order to direct the positive force into the body to strengthen the nervous system and enable healing to take place.

When lying in the grid, focus on the abdominal breathing to release any tensions felt and will it to go. Allow yourself to stay tune with this energy field till your body and emotions are in a more relaxed state to remove the crystals. The healing process that the black Tourmaline and Quartz crystals initiate can bring one to know the core of the matter, the underlying truth of the manifestation of the illness. When this occurred, it is best to address the issue with truth and forgiveness. Replaced the black Tourmaline on the palms to Chrysophrase or Rose Quartz to assist the process of transition. It is only when there is a full acknowledgement of the truth then one can competely change the quality of his life.

Golden Gateway

Golden Gateway is only recommended for individual whose consciousness is ready for a higher stage of evolution to take place. It is constructed by employing four pieces of Apophylitte and four pieces of Rainbow Hematite. The layout increases the light of the mental body and spiritual body to its fullest light potential. Psychic power can be enhanced, clairvoyant and clairaudience are further stimulated. Also disorders such as schizophreniz, nightmares and lost of energy control etc resulted from misuse or misalignment of psychic energy can be eliminated.

Apophylitte takes the form of a pyramid structure. It channels in the unlimited source of light into the mental body and the other subtle bodies. It brings one consciously to connect and contact the spiritual realm to channel in information/data in a more clarified form. It assists in gaining access to our past life memories and resolves the kamic patterns. It assists the expansion of the consciousness to realize and experience everything exists in a state of perfection.

Overly concentration on the spiritual realm could result in losing contact with the physical reality. We forget our roles as a human being in the physical world. Rainbow Hematite allows full grounding ability of an individual and actualizes every role he has to play. It brings one to understand that Spirituality is about fulfillment within oneself and the answers are within which most of the time can be mistaken as searching from the exterior. Spirituality means playing our roles with sincerity, joy and truthfulness. Placement of Rainbow Hematite on the body allows the spiritual energies to integrate directly into the cells of the body, accelerate the physical body vibration bringing the Divine Essence into human endeavors.

Rainbow Hematite activates our soul consciousness so that we see the purpose of being incarnated into this life time. It initiates a new phrase of energy to the body facilitating and fulfiling every essential purpose in this life. We become and are empowered to recreate a perfect reality in life.

Laid two pieces of Rainbow Hematite by the sides of the chest, another two pieces of Rainbow Hematite on the navel and base chakra. Apophylite crystals are placed around the body about six inches above the head, away from the left and right elbow and below the feet. This layout should be used not more than fifteen minutes each time.