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Celestite – talking to angels

This piece of information is especially dedicated to mother Earth and the Crystal Lady, Medha.

by George May 1999 – year of change

Before I went to bed I felt I needed the celestite crystals to be with me. I removed her from the desk where she had been sitting for the past six months and placed it next to my head. I had a recollection of my past while I was sleeping, I saw my childhood days to events occurred recently. In the beginning I was kind of transported, felt like being elevated to a very bright land. In front of me appeared a big screen where I saw myself at the age of six standing on the ground floor looking up to my parent’s seven storey kitchen windows planning to jump down from there. Next I saw the seven years old me sleeping on the bed and was dreaming of running away from the house. While trying to escape I climbed over the corridor’s fence intended to jump to the next corridor but failed and fell. Then the following scene saw me arguing with my sister and I threatened to jump down. The scene continued to change, I saw myself at the age of eleven playing in the playground and started quarrelling with my classmate, then I ran to the HDB flat next to the playground threatened to jump down again. The next scenes pictured my past recent events where I tried to commit suicides. Then I heard gentle voices saying “You have come out.”. I saw many sparkling stars around me, they were my Angels!

I woke up instantly and was brought back to reality, very disturbed. “Was it you?” I looked at the sparkling light blue celestite crystals. The dream brought back memories of my childhood which was long forgotten. I was in the process of healing my emotional problems and maybe the crystal is trying to put everything in order for me to understand. I was still in ‘shock’ about my past thoughts and actions, and was trying to put myself together again. The feeling was like suddenly you were being exposed naked in public. I felt embarrassed. I sat on the bed, deep in thoughts holding on to the celestite crystal for very, very long. I was totally unaware of the time. My eyes were heavy and before I went to sleep, the properties of this crystal appeared in my mind. “It carries the angelic energy to protect and guide individuals as well as to assist those who are facing difficulties to find ways to solve the problems”. And maybe I must have asked, unknowingly, that I be shown of a way to my problems. Maybe it is giving me the answer.

It was coming to dawn, I got very sleepy. Semiconsciously I was brought back to the land again, bright and celestial feeling. I saw a very beautiful lady and my instant recognition was she is my ‘Elder’. It was a replay, she was assigning a task and I rejected it with animosity. I ‘threathened’ if I was to be put into the assignment, I would make sure it be ‘damaged’. I woke up with the realization of my seven attempts of suicide was not to stay on earth (not to be alive) and not to carry out the task. I ‘damaged’ myself ( created energy blockages within) so I cannot complete the assignment. I finally have to admit that I have this special ability to help others but the past recent years, my great emotions have got me into many troubles. Instead of helping to solve others’ problems I became involved emotionally and got trapped in their relationships. This was all because I made a statement of ‘I will make sure it be damaged’. Six months ago I met a crystal lady who told me I am ‘unusual’ and can be very ‘powerful’ if I am willing to channel my ‘force’ out. I rejected her idea very strongly, just like the way I had said to my ‘Elder’, I told her I just want to be normal. Come to think about it, why I need to react so strongly towards her comments. Why protest? Deep inside, I knew I am different.

Now putting everything into order, after a few sessions of therapy and consciously meditating with my celestite crystal, my life has made a turn. I met a few encounters that assisted me to come out from my messy relationships and I became more aware of myself. I got answers to my questions like ‘why I hurt myself?’, ‘am I happy to be like this?’, ‘what I really want?’ etc. I began to pay more attention to my Real needs, I started to love myself. There is an internal strength growing inside me, urging me to come out, I became clearer and is able to ‘gel’ with mother Earth. I feel great. There is no word or words that can describe my sense of freedom. Or maybe the sense of freedom is right; I built my cage, jailed myself and created my personal misery. Holding my celestite now, I make my will : I want to be free from my barriers and with my capability I am willing to complete my assignment with great trust. Gently squeezed my celestite, I knew I will be guided.

The Highest Guidance by Mickey, Crystal Intermediate Practitioner

Sometime ago, I had this terrible backache than ever I had experienced. After much long tortured, I decided to put my black garnet on my back. It worked! There was a message that came to me “the back pain was due to (1) the burden I had been carrying and weighing over me, (2) the carrier of the past memories of unfulfilled wishes.”

Upon realization, I also noticed my backache had gone. I turned to asked is it because I had placed the black garnet on my back or I came to understand the true that I should let go of the past and decided to start my life with new perception that’s why I have no pain? The answer was both.

Then I was strike once more: the long wait before I decided to put the black garnet on me revealed my willingness to be the pain victim. I was seeking attention and sympathy from my closed ones and myself! There was this ugly side of me that does not want healing. The hesitant and reluctant to pick up the crystal to work on my pain proved me guilty (though very much I knew of its healing power). This new thought strike me so hard that it made me look within again. I finally got to truly understand true healing come from within. I am grateful for the new knowledge and always seeking for Your Highest Guidance.

Medha note:

Mickey realization of her personal illness, accepting it and will it to go has triggers her body healing mechanism to give total healing to her back. The crystal has helped her to discover the ultimate cause for its manifestation and assist her to learn from it. And once she started to look into the issue, learning to let go, to forgive and love, it will go away on its own.

In-Sight Into Facing Personal Fears

I had been experiencing a deeper connection with nature. I would ask questions and the answers would come before me in the form of clouds, colours in the sky, rainbows, birds and animals. As my experiences became seemingly more extraordinary, I became fearful, I doubted myself and I began to wonder if I was ‘losing my grip’. I feared and I blocked and I knew then that these messages would stop.

Some weeks later, Medha was running an additional Psychic Development workshop and knowing that I was interested, she contacted me and I joined the group.

Whilst I was drawn to explore the psychic field, it was not without an element of fear in itself. Part of me still held to the images of ‘odd’ people, with otherworldly gifts, of dabbling in the unknown, of spirits and the occult. This was my limited perception.

The workshop took place over a 6 week period and covered cleansing, energising, attuning, auras, candle work, tarot, telepathy, psychometry, past life ‘seeing’ and working with guides. I was aware from my attunement to Reiki that cleansing can occur on many levels and Medha informed us that it was possible to experience some cleansing symptoms through the techniques we were learning. After the first session spots began to appear on my thighs and I began to keep a daily journal, which proved invaluable as the course went on.

After the second session – auras and trying to ‘See’, I developed spots and inflammation of my right eye – Was I not trusting myself to see?

The Tarot card I drew the following week spoke of accessing personal fears, but it wasn’t until a week later when Medha shared with us techniques to ‘See’ into our past lives that I came face to face with my own fear . I was a little unsure at first and after the first session a well of emotion rose within me. This simple but effective exercise was forcing me to Face myself. Had I really lived before, this was not belief or someone else’s story this was my experience. I saw in others and they saw in me different faces. Coroborated by two people – I had apparently been a stern, angry man somewhere in the past. I was taken aback and needed to reflect. (I am not an angry person, I don’t like anger and yet as my fellow course mate intuited maybe I had suppressed anger. On reflection I knew this to be true.) And why this ‘past life’ at this time? I believe everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as coincidence.

That week I noted in my journal a range of strange symptoms and emotions, but it wasn’t until Thursday through meditation and then going back over my journal that I realized that I was re-experiencing symptoms from my past.

It was Saturday and we had our final class – Meeting your guides.

Monday – I become consciously aware of a message, not a dream as such, which had been trying to get through over a few nights – something was lost.

Wednesday – I unexpectedly bought an amethyst cave. This crystal was to play an important role in my healing and moving beyond my fears. I KNEW this crystal was meant to be with me, I had just said to myself “I would love to have one of these caves”, I turned and there it was at a price I could not refuse. The crystal’s energy felt good, and yet – was it dyed? I had read about crystals being heat treated and dyed for financial gain and I began to doubt myself and my ability to know. I put it out of my mind and felt happy travelling home in the cab. I cleansed the crystal and left it outside in the sunshine to energise. That afternoon I sat with it in the garden again the energy felt good and I felt serene – the calm before the storm. I began to question again whether the crystal was genuine and in doing so all my fears came to the surface – in doubting my ability to know if this crystal was genuine or if I had been duped, my mind raced, what was I doing on a psychic development course, dabbling in things I didn’t fully understand. Fear of the unknown, fear of the negative side, fear of so called evil rose within me. My mind was in self inflicted turmoil, I was not able to detach as Medha had advised, I was firmly attached to my fear and torturing myself with what ifs.

Thursday – I felt lost. I had lost a sense of love, of positivity, I felt confused and fearful. I thought about the past life experience, what might I have been, what might I have done to others if I were so angry. I developed a migraine and I was firmly attached to my fear.

Friday – I felt worse . With the help of Reiki and a crystal layout on my body I sought help and answers to the question now burning in my mind – What was it that was lost?

– My doll. When I was four years old we moved house and my special comforter, a rag doll was lost and never found again. The loss of this doll came at a time of many changes in my young life and many memories, feelings came flooding back and I let go, I cried as I have never cried before and I let out the pain.

Throughout these days, my awareness had heightened. I noticed the light streams as we travelled home in the dark – just as if in a photograph. I became more aware of the energies around me and realised I have always seen the energies in the sky and thought it was my eyes. Things were becoming clearer.

Saturday – A new teacher arrives by post – Brian Weiss’s latest book “Messages From The Masters” about love, fear and past life regressions. I read and understand, I know from my own experience that it is our fears, created in the mind which block our healing and our intuitive/psychic abilities and which hold us back from loving ourselves and others – unconditionally.

Tuesday – it is evening and I and the children are going to join the global meditation for love and healing, it is the first time I have participated in anything of this nature . I ask for a sign for this healing and its affects, I ask to see a rainbow, then realising that it is too late in the evening. I ask just for a sign of healing, within moments a patch of sky turns violet-pink and I KNOW. The meditation is amazing, the energy tangible.

Wednesday – it is morning and I can still feel the energy, when I go outside it seems stronger. I know my task is to heal all parts of myself to become whole and that each of us needs to heal individually, for the whole to be healed. We each need to take responsibility for ourselves.

Thursday – all my symptoms recur. My eye is inflamed, I have a lump in my armpit, a pain in my neck and new spots on my upper thighs.

Friday – I feel different. My symptoms, with one exception have vanished. I am able to communicate comfortably, effectively, without attachment, honestly and true to myself with love.

Saturday – I feel clear, bright, light and positive. I pick up a book by another teacher that came to me ‘out of the blue’ a few months ago and for some reason I had not finished – Michael Roads “Journey into Nature”. It is about the author completing his journey of awareness and healing, he meets his former selves in past lives. He has no fears. What he feared the most turns out to be himself and this I understand. I have come a long way in a few weeks.

The native Americans believe that “The decision to attack our fears is the first step on the sacred path “. The decision to attack my own fears came as a result of my own commitment to ‘Truth’ made at the time I was attuned to Reiki II, a year and a half ago. My experiences during the attunements to Reiki, and the very fact of becoming a Reiki channel myself led me to re-examine my perception of reality and to seek and align with ‘Truth’. What began as a simple desire to be able to help others through healing, has propelled me further on my own healing journey. Being someone who questions and re-questions everything, I have struggled internally to arrive at the point I am now. The inner conflict and turmoil have not been easy as old perceptions and limitations have fallen away. Recently I lost a special piece of jewellery of great beauty and great value. This item of jewellery came into my life at a time when I felt far from special or beautiful myself. Everytime I wore it I felt brighter and ‘it’ made me feel beautiful. As a result of having plunged my own depths and faced my fear, I can say in all honesty and truth that although I am greatly saddened at the loss for sentimental reasons, I no longer need something external to help me feel special or beautiful, it is I who sparkle more brightly from within.

A year ago, I had so many questions and sought answers outside of myself. Before leaving England my Reiki Master said to me “All the answers are within”. At that point in time I could not see and did not know what was meant by this. Despite the fact that I had always needed quiet time in my day, time to BE, I did not connect this with my own knowing or awareness. I am now aware that social conditioning and events in our lives cause us to shut down, to fear and to block our own ability to know and trust in ourselves. I now have come to understand that in facing our fears, in being AWARE of the messages ‘life’ sends us be it through nature or each other, be it through tarot or crystal ball readings, be it through the loss of a special piece of jewellery, through the messages we receive in our everyday lives we have access to all that we need to heal and walk in truth.

We are all psychic/intuitive, it is inherent in each of us, we all have moments of ‘in-sight’ of ‘awareness’ it is only the degree to which we are aware that is different. My children are still young, it is completely natural for them to see a person’s aura, they do not think about it, nor do they question it, nor are they encouraged in school or by current society as a whole to develop and utilise this ability – Imagine if they were.

– by Karen Dean Crystal Intermediate Practitioner

I Forget To Take A Moment By Wai Ming

Exhaustion from stress seems to have hit me. I have been complaining about feeling sick, tired and emotionally drained for very long. To fulfill my expectation on life, the standard of living I wanted to have I worked very hard for it. At first I felt great, felt fulfilled and achieved but somehow somewhere along the line it became very routine and frustrating. I felt very exhausted to deal with the daily problems. Inside me I just wanted to run! I used to glamorize my work to the point that tiredness became a way of saying, “to be where I am now, I have to work day and night. I am so ambitious and in demand I cannot even stop to sleep.”

To overcome my exhaustion, I tried to take on some leisure activities to boost my spirit in life. To take my mind away from my heavy workload, I would set aside some time to watch my favorite movies. By participating in this new activity, hoping it would relax me, my leisure time has taken on a hurried, frenetic quality. Rather than enjoying what I was doing, my leisure time was filled with “productive” past time activities. I have little time off so I hate to waste my time preparing food. I usually call for delivery or buy in so I’ll have time to do my work and finished in time to watch my favorite movie. It was starving for leisure, which I came to realize later in my healing process, trying to pack more fun into every second. I came to a point not being able to enjoy – I’m not in joy of what I was doing. It was fulfilling a work task in time without disruption or when it failed to fall in the time of schedule, I became frustrated.

Going into crystal meditation allows me to take a moment to look at myself. My hectic lifestyle, my exhaustion, my so-called efficiency – RUSH (The obscene four letters word describes by my Reiki Master, Lawrence). By taking a moment, I realize this is what I need – to breath a little and the little are so important that bring great release to my stress. Practice to take a moment to listen to myself and asked do I really need these. Even cooking for myself now, taking my time, has becomes my in-joy activity. Take a moment to seek from within the true needs. I have been running to grab the Best but never have taken a moment to fully utilize them from within. Every day I implemented without in-joying what I am doing but now I decided to Take-A-Moment. Do you?