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Attracts prosperity, wealth , abundance, growth, fertility, healing on physical level

Attracts romance, bolster self-esteem & self-love, heals emotional issue, brings friendship, relaxation, compassion

Dispel grief, sadness & depression, repels negative energy, attracts platonic relationship, enhance intellectual skills & pursuits

Give strength, courage, energy,sex,passion, protection, use by man to attract sexual partner & to overcome sexual problems

Absorbs & banish negativity, use for protection & grounding

Cleanses, purifies, raise vibrations to higher level. When in doublt use White

Attracts success, brightens the atmosphere, encourage light-hearted outlook, assits creativity on all levels, use by woman to attract sexual partner or to overcome sexual problems

Generates power for ritual work & spiritual activity, healing severe illness, discourage envy & jealousy

Soothes anger, brings peace & serenity, good for meditation & relaxation, for issues of loyalty & dedication, communication skill & discerning ability

We have most comprehensive range of color in our candle collection, including the very rare Black.  All the candles are cleansed and ready for use. Each pack contains 51 pieces of candle (Ø12mm x 180mm). Burning time is approximately 2 hrs. 
Price: $20.oo per pack.

Color Candles

Instructions for Powerful Candle Magick

The following instructions are included in the pack of Magick Candles you purchase from us.

The pack of Magick Candles you purchased from us has been cleansed and charged. You can use them immediately.

  1. Always use a fire-proof base for the candle. Never leave burning candle unattended. A Pyramid candle holder will increase the power of the magick you are performing.
  2. Be clear of what you want to achieve through this rite. Prepare yourself mentally by relaxing and clearing your mind of all unrelated thoughts.
  3. Focus on your intended goal and visualize yourself having attained your goal. Feel yourself in total contentment….light the candle. Remain in your space of happiness and total satisfaction for as long as you want. Affirm that your goal is for your highest good and greatest joy. After that go about your usual activities.
  4. Work on your goal as regularly as possible. For Magick to have results, your effort is needed. If you don’t put in any effort, it shows that your desire for the goal is not strong and you don’t need to have it. When your goal serve your best benefits, you will be successful in achieving it.

 Warning:- Never, never use the power of Magick to control, manipulate, or harm another being. Use it only for your personnel growth and wellbeing.

As Gifts and Offerings to the 4 Directions, Elements and Elementals

East — Yellow; South — Red; West — Blue; North — Green

Use to invoke the assistance/power of the 4 Directions, Elements and Elementals.

Use as gifts/offerings to the 4 Directions, Elements and Elementals for favours granted.

Try this Wealth Magick and Love Magick.