“The Force Is With You” ……. This is the Power of Magick.

How to have the Force to be with you. This is the secret study of Magick and its connection to the forces of the Universe. Thus it is known as UNIVERSAL MAGICK.

OK, I know it sounds very “chim” (sorry its Singlish for profound/deep), but most of us are involve in magickal rites without being aware that it is Magick that you are performing. Examples of partial Magick that you may be doing are prayers, positive thinking or affirmation, these are the positive Magick (white) that you do. The harmful ones that you may be doing unconsciously creates self-sabotage to your own well being. These are the negative (black) Magick. These come from your negative thoughts, fear, anger toward others……ever wonder why the things you feared always occur ? In Magick, you will get rid of all self-sabotaging actions.

Quite a number of people do affirmation or practice positive-thinking. Some feels that it does help and some says not at all. For those who feels that it “helps” gets inconsistent results. What is the cause for that?

Affirmation and positive-thinking are very important practices involving our conscious effort to change our ways for the better. But it is incomplete because the past negative imprint and conditioning that you have are still in your memory bank, you have not deleted them. In Magick, there are ways to clear away negative imprints and allow the full force of positive energy to come forward.

Prayers, affirmation and positive thinking are a small part of Magick. In Prayers, there are effective methods to apply so that your prayers are heard and therefore shall be answered. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and effort.

In Magick, you connect to the forces of the 4 planes — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You harness the powers of the 4 Elements — Fire, Air, Water and Earth; and receive the assistance from the 4 Elementals.

You learn to use candles for Magick, common objects like water and salt are powerful tools for Magick. When you have a new house, you sprinkle salt before moving in or you may sprinkle holy-water. Whether you are from the East or the West, we have a common knowledge and that is Magick, now we call it folk-lore. In every religion, race, culture and tradition, the use of candles, incense, water and salt are common factors. In Magick, you will connect to that lost wisdom.

The Magick workshop is conducted by Lawrence Leow who has more than 25 years of experience living in the world of Magick. Magick is a way of life for him and he love to share the Magick of the Universe with you.

The main content of the Universal Magick course:

1) Magick and The Mind
2) Code of Ethics in Magick
3) The 4 Planes — Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
4) Timing and Ritual
5) Prosperity Rite

This is a very hands-on workshop whereby there’re many excercises to do. You’ll obtain your personal symbol and your god/goddess symbol thru’ meditation (which is in modern terms…your user id and password to the Universe). These are the keys to “powerful” Magick.

Visit Schedule page. The followings are two easy-to-do Magick for you to manifest Wealth and Love into your life.

FeedBack from Magick course participants:

“After taking the Magick workshop, I feel my power to connect and invoke the Elementals to be much more stronger.”   
Karen Kok, Singapore

“I have use the power of Magick to make rain when I need more water for my land and many wonderful experience with Magick.” 
Eric  Wanseele, Thailand

“I was going through a bad patch in my life with marraige and money. I took the Magick workshop hoping that it will help me to overcome my situations. Omigod !!! It really works.” 
Saras, S’pore

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For your convenience, you can arrange individual lesson with us. If you have a group of like-minded friends who like to attend a course togather. Simply contact us for arrangement.
Cost fee is the same.