Anapana-satiThe Foundation for All Meditation

Meditation .. how to begin, where to begin, so simple yet so difficult. So much had been written on meditation yet the less you know the better you will be doing meditation. Because the less clouded your mind is, the better you will be in doing meditation. This is a true good example of the saying: Less Is More. The less you think the more you will progress in meditation.

Too many books on Meditation promised quick results when using their technique or method of meditation. Some books offer 101 ways to meditation which seems like good value for money in buying the book. Sadly, these books create more illusions for those who are interested to do meditation.

Expecting quick results is probably one of the most common delusion for those doing meditation. Switching from one technique to another after just a few session of meditation because one do not experience result guarantees more frustration and this again is caused by inappropriate expectation in meditation.

How should one prepare for meditation ? What should one’s expectation be ? How long should one meditation session be ? How can one avoid distraction from noise and keep the mind quiet ? How to avoid numbness and pain in meditation ?

The above are some faq and difficulties encountered by beginners in meditation. These are important questions. The right answers will help the practitioner overcome obstacles in the path of meditation and to be able to enjoy the fruit of meditation.

Our meditation teacher Lawrence who have many years of practical experience in meditation will guide you to overcome the challenges you face in doing meditation.

“Meditation can help us appreciate the nature of life in its proper perspective, the nature of the world and worldly conditions, the nature of suffering, and the fleeting nature of pleasures. By understanding the real nature of component things, we realize that all sensations are mind-created. We also realize that to gain happiness we must calm and control the mind.

For meditation practice to produce good results we must properly attune the mind with confidence. We should recognize the value of meditation which contributes towards mental training and peace. Meditation strengthens the mind and helps it to understand things properly.”

K. Sri Dhammananda

Why do you need to practice meditation ? What is the purpose of meditation ?

The purpose of meditation is to have control of your mind. At the moment you are a slave of your own mind, it directs you rather than you giving the orders. You do not have inner peace due to the chattering that is going on in your head and you do not have the ability to shut it off. Meditation is a training that will make you a master of your mind. It is a gradual process and good results will come from patience and perseverance in practice. There are no quick short-cut method to meditation.

What are the difficulties that one can encounter in the practice of meditation ?

There are many obstacles to overcome in the practice of meditation and these are usually cause by our ignorance.

Expectation of quick result. We want everything we do to give instant result with immediate gratification. It is a result of modern living and contributes to stress and mental illness and emotional pain.

Impatience. As above.

Knowledge base. Too much theory and not enough practice. Many books on meditation are available, there are books that describe 101 different method of meditation. If you think that it is value for money, you are very wrong. This type of book only serve to create more confusion for a beginner to meditation.

Fear. Some people thinks that they will see ghosts and spirits when they practice meditation. Some fear that they will go mad. This fear is very common among locals and it is due to misconception, hearsay and the influence of movies.

No time. Too tired to meditate, all their energies expanded in materialistic pursue.

Environment not conducive for meditation. A common wrong impression that we must go to a quiet place to practice meditation.

What mind-set should one have to practice meditation ?

Right expectation, right understanding, right effort and right posture are important assets for the practice of meditation. These provide strong foundation for the practitioner to progress.

Mindfulness Meditation – Ánápána-sati

“Mindfulness established on an object all the time with each in and out breathe.”

This is a direct approach to learning proper meditation. You will learn the three most important foundation of meditation:

+ proper posture to meditate – sitting, standing, lying, walking
+ proper breathing
+ proper mindfulness

You will have all your answers to help you to be on the right path to meditation. The right answers is just the beginning. The teacher can only point you the way, you walk the path.

Meditation is a three session course held once a week. Lesson is held on a one-to-one arrangement or in small group. Sign Up.


A Gift For You
~~~ Merging Meditation ~~~
7 simple steps


1) This is a beautiful practice used by shamans or shifters, to become one with the object of their intent. It may be used by lovers or friends also, to become one with one another.

2) Begin by being seated at arm’s length, directly across from one another. Empty all thoughts and breathe from the belly, expanding the abdomen in a relaxed manner on the inhale.

3) Gaze profoundly and with a silent mind into one another’s eye. Allow yourself to be filled with the other, completely emptying of your self. Don’t judge, fear or cling in any way.

4) At a given moment, make room for the other within you. Do this by gently extending your right arm forward. This says to them energetically ‘I make room for you within me’.

5) Gently retract the arm and place it at your side. This says energetically to your partner ‘I make room for me within you’.

6) They respond by doing the same movements at the appropriate moment. Note: This practice will often bring up overwhelming feelings and the eyes may fill with tears. The tears cleanse the window of the eyes. Do not allow yourself to break dowm and indulge in sobs. In order to hold the energy, the vessel must no be cracked. Simply stay with the flood of feelings and breathe. Gaze through the tears.

7) The effect of this practice is so profound that it may synchronize your brain waves. You may notice minor telltale signs afterwards, such as slight identical movements shared between you, perhaps even performed at the same moment.

Bliss to You.

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