Positive Energy Grid



ENHANCE YOUR HOME and OFFICE WITH POSITIVE ENERGY For Harmony, Abundance, Health and Love.

If you’re moving to a new home, looking for new house or already living in a house that don’t feel right, we’re able to help you to have a home that enhance abundance in all aspects for you and your loved ones’ life.

Nope we’re not talking about feng-shui but its much better with none of the limitations faced by feng-shui.

Positive Energy Grid (PEG) is an all encompassing energy field that includes everyone in the premises. The whole premise is embrace in positive life force to enhance all the goodness you and all desired.  PEG do not have the limitation of feng-shui and doesn’t require you to knock down walls or change door direction etc. PEG benefits everyone
regardless of birthday and birth-hour.

The same applies to shops, offices and factories.

Our services include:

Consultation and visits to the home/shop/office/factory
Purification (cleansing) of new house, old house, spooky house, ‘sua’ (unlucky) house, bad qi house, bad feng shui house (shop, office and factory as well)
Setting up of Positive Energy Grid (shēngqi : life force) for the premises.

Service Fee starts from $300.oo for consultation.
Consultation and Cleansing starts from $500.oo

Feedback on Crystal Pyramid Grid:

“Just to share with you that everyone who visited my new home have been giving me very positive feedback in terms of good feeling, warmth and feeling comfortable. Common comment is that it is a beautiful and nice place. Recently had a gathering with some close friends and his little son feels so comfortable that he climb on my bed to play. The comment my friend made was that it is a good house otherwise kids will not do what his son is doing. Felt very happy and glad by his remarks.

Believed the cleansing and setup of the pyramid does works.”

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