Our Principles:

  • We will recommend product that is most suited to your needs
  • We select and import our products for its quality and performance
  • We do not sell for the sake of selling

Able N Trust (S) has been supplying quality products for the holistic community since 1993. We import all our products directly from suppliers overseas to keep cost low and quality high.

All our Crystals are natural Crystals. Only natural Crystals have energy that we can use for purpose of healing and metaphysical work.

Magick candles we supply are smoke-free and non-drip which burns clean to the end.

We design and manufacture the Pyramid locally. Our unique joint-design makes the pyramid structure very secure and at the same time very easy to assemble. Also available are Crystal Pyramid. The pyramid geometry greatly amplified the energy of the crystal that is used to make the Crystal Pyramid.

We design and provide setting for gemstones. We can make jewelry according to your unique design in yellow gold or white gold.

Also available are Skulls made from Crystal and antler of deer. The skulls are carved with meticulous attention to detail.


We have the widest range of Crystal collection in Singapore. All our Crystals are imported directly from suppliers overseas and selected for its good energy. This is due to our personal involvement in providing Crystal Therapy and Crystal Healing courses as well many other Crystal related activities such as Crystal Mandala Meditation and specialize products such as  Personal Crystal Mandala. Our personal experience with the Crystals give us added advantage in helping you to select the appropriate Crystals that will give you maximum direct benefits, and better and faster results.

*New from our sourcing trip: Rare large CrystalBall 90% clear, CrystalBall from Laser Quartz, Spessatite Garnet in matrix, large raw Ruby crystal, Gold/Silver-sheen Obsidian ball, Crystal Pyramid, polished Kyanite wands, beautiful druzy Green Garnet Uravolite, Black Garnet, Rainbow Pyrite and Pink Colbaltite Calcite, Rainbow Hematite, raw Diamonds, sparkling Herkimer Diamonds, good selection of natural Citrine and Laser Quartz points, Celestial Quartz, Singing Crystal, Amber with insects, large Fluorite crystal and cluster, shining Pyrite cluster, Dioptase, Apatite, Spectrolite, Labradorite and many more !

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We design and produce:

Jewelry for your unique personal style
Wearable Crystal Mandala to manifest your goal

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In metaphysical science, it is well known that the Pyramid is an energy generator. It harness Cosmic energy or Universal Life Force Energy (Qi) which is our primal life force.

Different schools of training such as Reiki, Qi Kung, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Pranic Healing etc, teaches  their students to harness this Life Force Energy for the purpose of achieving excellent health, a balance state of mind and spiritual harmony.

Some training, e.g. Reiki, allows the students to tune-in to the Universal Energy very easily, whereas other techniques may take years of dedicated practice to have results. However, the wonderful benefits of using a Pyramid is that you just have to be in it to have access to the Cosmic Energy.

You can meditate, sleep, read, do yoga, give massage or simply relax in the Pyramid to receive its benefits.

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Magick Candles

Magick Candles for Candle Magick


Attracts prosperity, wealth , abundance, growth, fertility, healingon physical level

Attracts romance, bolster self-esteem & self-love, heals emotional issue, brings friendship, relaxation, compassion

Dispel grief, sadness & depression, repels negative energy, attracts platonic relationship, enhance intellectual skills & pursuits

We have most comprehensive range of color in our candle collection, including the very rare Black.  All the candles are cleansed and ready for use.

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Magick Wands

Hand-made Magick Wand

Branches are specially selected for making Magick wand and hand-made by our Socerer. Each piece is unique. New wands are available now, see and feel them personally at our shop.

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