Psychic Develop’t W’Shop

The objectives of Psychic Development Workshop are :-

  • Discover your strongest hidden potential
  • Unleash that potential in the shortest time

You do not have to envy the abilities of others and you do not have to imitate that capabilities.

You may actually have higher abilities that are waiting for you to realise. We are all very special in our own way and as an individual, you can grow the fastest when you know your hidden talent and have it unwrapped.

Psychic faculty are categorize as :

1. Clairvoyance – ability to see things beyond normal visibility e.g. Aura reading.
2. Clairsentience – ability to feel things beyond normal circumstances.
3. Clairaudience – ability to hear things beyond normal hearing capacity.

In this workshop, Medha will work with you to discover your strongest hidden potential and guide you to unleash that power …

This workshop provides an integrated approach to psychic development through aura awareness. You will be guided with special techniques and meditations to unleash your psychic power.

This innate ability will further make an immediate change to your life. Transforming blockages into opportunities which allows you to walk onto a harmonious and fruitful path.

Six sessions of Psychic Development Workshop trains you to:

  • Recognise and unlock your psychic abilities
  • Strengthen your energy system and learn psychic defence against energy vampire
  • Awaken your psychic power through specific psychic attunement techniques
  • Use various techniques to further expand your intuition into abilities such as Psychometry (touch), Psychokinesis (mind power), Aura reading
  • Precognition, Retrocognition, Extrasensory Power (ESP)
  • Understand the different realms of Beings and Spiritual Guides,
  • Perform specific ritual to evoke Celestial Power
  • Learn to connect and contact your Spiritual Guides

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For your convenience, you can arrange individual lesson with us. If you have a group of like-minded friends who like to attend a course togather. Simply contact us for arrangement.
Cost fee is the same.