In metaphysical science, it is well known that the Pyramid is an energy generator. It harness Cosmic energy or Universal Life Force Energy (Qi) which is our primal life force.

Different schools of training such as Reiki, Qi Kung, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Pranic Healing etc, teaches  their students to harness this Life Force Energy for the purpose of achieving excellent health, a balance state of mind and spiritual harmony.

Some training, e.g. Reiki, allows the students to tune-in to the Universal Energy very easily, whereas other techniques may take years of dedicated practice to have results. However, the wonderful benefits of using a Pyramid is that you just have to be in it to have access to the Cosmic Energy.

You can meditate, sleep, read, do yoga, give massage or simply relax in the Pyramid to receive its benefits.



Interesting Facts of The Great Pyramid

Do you know :

The Great Pyramid is the most massive building ever known to have been erected on this planet, having at least twice the volume and 30 times the mass of New York Empire States Building.
It is accurately aligned to the true cardinal points of the compass. At the time when the Pyramid was build, the compass has yet to be invented.
Some of the Pyramid’s stone weight up to 70 tons per piece. It is finely cut and positioned as to give less than 5mm gap between the stones.
Pyramids also found in places like Mexico, Central and South America, China, Cambodia, the Himalayas and Europe.

We are talking, not of a product of 21st century engineering but of a building whose construction dates from the very edge of prehistory. How and why was the Pyramid build ?

The logic of it seems to defy all analysis. No historian has yet advanced any explanation of the Great Pyramid’s construction that is all convincing. No body knows for certain how the Pyramid was erected, how long it took to built, how its near perfect alignments were achieved before the invention of compass, or how its outer casting was jointed and polished with such an enormous undertaking, combined with such incredible accuracy, shall have been deemed necessary for the construction of a mere tomb and funerary monument to a dead king who in any case never occupied it.

So why all the hoo-haa about the Pyramid now. What has the Pyramid got to do with health, wealth, healing, spiritual development etc. Well, it all begin by accident (as with many great discovery) in the 1930’s. A Swede radiologist discovered that his shaving razor which he placed in a small Pyramid structure remained sharp for a long time.

He tried to patent his discovery and was not successful because he could not submit any formula or test results to show how and why the Pyramid works in keeping razor sharp or food fresh. The interest in Pyramid power did not fade over the years but gain more momentum with new awareness in cosmic energy and natural way to better health.

Although there had not been any equipment that can show or measure energy that are in the Pyramid, indirect measurement on its effect on brainwave has been carried out. Individual who are sensitive to energy can feel the present of energy in the Pyramid. In fact, most people are able to sense the different. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself. (Talk too much no use).

Question: What happens when I meditate inside a Pyramid ?

Preliminary research shows that one’s brainwaves may be altered in favorable ways. Early experiments with test subjects connected to an electroencephalograph (EEG), have show signs of increased Alpha and Theta brainwave production, higher frequencies and greater amplitudes.

Question: What will sleeping in the Pyramid do for me ?

In the early stages ( the first few weeks) the sensations and psychological aspects can be quite dramatic. This is due to the influence of the energy which cause you to go through a cleansing period. As you get to be intune with the higher energy, the feeling will become less noticeable. This does not mean that the Pyramid energy is not working on you any more. On the contrary, it is helping in a very subtle but yet powerful way.

Sizes of Pyramid

More sizes are available now for different application. No maintenance required, it never breaks down and last forever. We can custom-built to your requirement.
Small16 x 16cm, 25 x 25cm, 35 x35cm,
48 x 48cm
Use for charging Crystals, water, supplements and vitamins, cosmetic and facial cream, herbs. Place in the home or office for its positive energy. Neutralize chemicals on food, vegetables and meat.$60 to $190.oo

5' L x 5' W (1.52 m) x 3' 7" H (1.09 m)Good for meditation and sleeping (one person). Very easy to erect and dismantle, takes less than 2 minutes. Little storage space is required.$550.oo
Large7' L x 7' W (2.13 m) x 5' H (1.52 m) overall. 1.39 m clear height.The most popular size, can be use in many ways. High enough to sit under on a chair. Accommodate a king-size mattress or massage table. Quick easy assembly in less than 2 minutes. Little storage space is required.$700.oo