Welcome to Aura reading, Crystal Ball reading and Tarot reading.

The purpose of having a reading is to seek answers, solutions and directions to important issues in your life and your worries and doubts; to know how to remove obstacles, clear blockages and to avoid pitfalls; and to harvest the fruits of your effort.

May it be about a career move, relationship issue, health matters, money matters, investments, new home, spouse and children, marriage and family and any other challenges in your life. Do not let doubts and worries affect your life, answers are there for you.

The Readings below will help to provide you with answers you are seeking to resolve the issues you are facing.

Call us for an appointment today and unburden yourself of anxiety and distress.

Time is not the governing factor when we do your reading. We do not ends a session because the time is up or charge you more for extended time. Our approach and concern is for you to ask all the questions that you seek answers to and not be limited by time.

Crystal Ball Reading

Look into the depth of the Crystal Ball to see your life journey. The Crystal Ball is a very powerful tool use to access the deepest psyche to reveal messages within you. Crystal Ball reading can reveal situations or issues related to your subject in question …

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Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is not fortune-telling, rather it is a guide for those seeking lasting balance in their lives. Fate is in your own hands. You can mould it as you wish, this is how we can help you. You are in control when you know what is ahead, you are prepared. You take Actions rather than reactions.

Want to know where your life is heading, your career direction, where you fortune lie, when is Mr or Miss Right appearing, Is romance around the corner, health matters, is it time to make the move …

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Aura Reading

What is Aura ?

Aura is the energy field that you emit and it is like an invisible ( to an un-trained eye ) egg-shaped force field that envelopes you. Your auric field is an extension of…

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