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Reiki workshop can be scheduled to suit your convenience. We conduct our classes in small group for the benefits of the participants. You will receive personal attention and have all your queries answered.

There are 3 levels in Reiki training. Each level is complete in itself.

REIKI @ Able N Trust is conducted by Medha, Reiki Master/Teacher. Medha will guide you on the wAY of holistic living, emphasizing on Right Understanding and Right Approach to achieve a Balance state of health, happiness, harmony, love, peace, wealth and abundance. She will share with you the Essence of Reiki.

Medha encourages her students to “talk the talk and walk the walk”. To apply Reiki to their daily life and live by the Principles of Reiki.

Reiki 1st Degree Workshop

Reiki 1 consists of 4 attunements for fine tuning your subtle energy-bodies to higher vibratory frequency. The Reiki Master will initiate the students by activating and aligning their chakras (energy centers), allowing the students to channel Cosmic Energy for self-healing and treating others. You will receive the essence of Reiki and understand the uniqueness of Reiki and why Reiki is a completely safe system of energy work.

Reiki workbook and certificate is included in this program.             Value: $380.oo

Reiki 2nd Degree Workshop

In Reiki 2 workshop, students will receive 2 attunements to enable them the use of the three sacred symbols of Reiki. The attunements also enhance the energy level of the students.

This workshop focuses on the importance of learning and receiving the proper Reiki symbols. Lots of practice in applying the symbols to increase energy, to do distant healing, to heal the subconscious mind, to create affirmation, to clear negative energy in the environment, using symbols to manifest your goals……….most important get the right symbols. There are, at the moment, many distorted symbols that are taught as Reiki symbols. The importance of having the true Reiki symbols is critical for proper attunement to be a Reiki channel. The symbols are keys to the doors of Reiki, so it is crucial to have the right Reiki keys (symbols). 

Another way of looking at it is, when you want to listen to a particular radio program, you need to tune the correct frequency for that channel to receive the program.  The correct Reiki symbols are like the correct channel frequency that you use to receive your program. Thus, distorted symbols give you distorted attunement which cannot be said to be the proper REIKI attunement. You do not have to take my word for it, in my workshop you will have the opportunity to compare the “power” of the true Reiki symbols to the distorted symbols. And I do have a collection of these distorted symbols that are being taught as Reiki symbols.

A workbook and certificate is included in the program.              Value: $750.oo

“I am very touch that you and the whole Reiki group are still sending Reiki to me. I am sure it help me a great deal. I am Reikiing myself daily too…. the growth in my lung had gone down to half its size.”       Yu S H

Reiki 3rd Degree Workshop — Mastership program

Reiki Mastership programs are conducted only upon request by Reiki Practitioner who feels that they are ready for more responsibility and growth. And to be a master of their own destiny. You do not have to take Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree with me to continue with the Master program but it is important that you are attuned with the correct Reiki symbols before proceeding to a higher level.

Reiki Mastership program consists of 2 levels — level 3A and 3B aka level 1 and 2

Reiki 3A :   You receive the master-symbol through 2 attunements. In this program, you will know yourself better. The maxim is “Healer Heal Thyself”. At this level you prepare yourself for more responsibility as a full-fledged Reiki Master. At this stage, you live the 5 Spiritual Principle of Reiki.
Reiki 3B :   Criteria are necessary for selection of suitable individuals to continue the work of Reiki. A questionnaire will be given to individuals who want to continue on this journey of growth. An individual is qualify to teach after completing this final part of Reiki training.

Feed Back from Reiki students

It’s been an eventful few days …. I had a tv remote that had stopped working over 4 years ago … I just used the power symbol on it on Saturday night and it’s now working superbly ….
I used the harmony symbol to calm our daughter ….. worked wonderfully…
Sent distance healing to my father in law … got very strong vibrations from his left kidney and to my surprise I learnt that he had kidney stones in his left kidney … coincidence ?? … It must be the Reiki 2 doing wonders ….

Thanks Lawrence … U have opened up my world to all sorts of possibilities …

Patrick, Feb 2012

I had just completed my level 1 in December.

FYI, just to share with you that before I took up Reiki level 1 I was about to have a surgery to remove a lump on my back but today at hospital the doctor told me its gone totally with no trace at all.

Just want to say thank you for teaching me about Reiki.
Doreen, Dec 2011
“I re-take my Reiki training with Lawrence. He is able to provide me with answers that my other ‘Reiki teacher’ can’t. I took my Master Level with Lawrence.”

Belinda C. Reiki Master, England

“Thanks to your Reiki transmission, I am a changed person now, I am very kind and forgiving towards others, I almost cannot believe that I am capable of such love. My sinus is no more. My body is like a charged battery.  You are right, the bliss and joy are there. May all beings partake in my blessings.”

Lester Lim, Dec 2005

“We were so impressed and glad that we have found a great teacher.

Kazuhiro n Akemi Hattori

“I’d learned Reiki 1 & 2 before knowing Lawrence. I told him about my problem of always feeling tired and drained after doing Reiki for my husband and children, and for my friends. He said I may not have be properly attuned or what I’d learned may not be the actual Reiki because none of the above problem should happen to a person having been attuned Reiki. Lawrence re-attuned me to Reiki and those problems of getting tired and drained from giving others Reiki don’t happen anymore and in fact I feel rather energized myself.”

Lim Bee Leng, Reiki Master

“I stop using sinus-spray two weeks after treating myself with Reiki. My father scalded his hand with hot oil, it was quite bad. I Reiki his hand thru’ the bandages. When he visited his doctor to change dressing for the hand, the doc was very surprised at his rate of healing.”

Edwin Yap

“I apply Reiki on myself for gastric pain. The pain went off after a while and I went back to sleep. This happens in the middle of the night.”

Florence L Y

“I have felt the effect of Reiki guiding me to heal those around me, be it directly or indirectly. It has also provided a framework for me to address issues and problems which I may encounter in my life.”


“I’ve sinus problem. But my nose stops to run in the morning 2 weeks after having Reiki”

Alex Liao


Learning Reiki and Swimming
1st Degree is like learning to swim………………a beginner
2nd Degree is that you have become a good swimmer
3A is that you are learning to be a Life guard
3B is that you are a qualified Life guard
Protecting and Helping people
Blessed you are !

Open Your Eyes: Be wary of people who carry too many title under their belt. These people are really “Jack of All Trade and Master of None”. They forgot that the essence in metaphysical art is focus. All is One, When you know One you know All. There is no need to impress by being master of abc reiki, xzy reiki. It just goes to show they have not mastered any because they have not learn the true meaning of being a MASTER …..”Less Is More.”

Be wary of people who teach “very powerful” healing system or “more powerful type of reiki”. Usually charlatans make these claims to entice you into their trap. There are no “powerful” ways of healing, there is only GENTLE way of healing. Power Kills, Gentleness Heals. Don’t crave for power.

Be wary of those who can only teach Reiki 1 and 2. These are half-baked “master” like swimmers who can barely keep themselves afloat, how can they teach others. Very often these people are in great need for self-healing and they are in need to remove lots of emotional garbage themselves and are in no position to guide and teach others. A teacher carries great responsibility so be careful as to who you choose to be your Reiki Teacher.

Be wary of those “masters” who need to use “glamour-shots”. Why can’t they be themselves, What’s their real self like? Why is image so important to them ? Don’t they realise an image is not real, it is an illusion. This goes against the Reiki principle of Just For Today, I Will Live My Life Honestly.

Be wary of previews. These are simply sales presentation to get you to sign-up for the class and like all sales gimmicks, discount will be given if you sign-up immediately. My dear fellow Reiki practitioner-to-be these are the very people who abuse Reiki and turn it into a commercial commodity. If you are ready for Reiki, it will always be there for you, don’t be trick into signing-up and become penny wise and pound foolish.

Be wary of those who put Reiki up “on sales”. Do you want a discounted Reiki ?

Interesting people

I’ve been told that a “Reiki teacher” in Australia need to sit on her throne to do attunement. Yup a throne and a rather heavy one too, need two to three big guys to carry it. If it is not the effect of the wildest ego at work, I don’t know what is. Even a King will stand when he knights his subject. You be the judge.

I’ve been told that in England, Reiki 2nd Degree students are instructed to “channel” their own “Reiki” symbols. So then why do they need to attend Reiki class, simply dream of a sign and call it Reiki symbol. Would you like to do that too ? You be the judge.

I’ve been told that in India, its not enough to be a Reiki Master. That’s why there’re more Grandmasters than Master there.  Again if its not ego at work, what is? You be the judge.

I’ve been told ……… hahahaaa …. now you’ve been told. BLISS TO YOU !


We Provide Continuous Support And Guidance To Our Students.