Reiki Grand Master/Teacher Lawrence Leow has been featured in various TV program ….Yang Shen DIY (Alternate Prescription), a Chinese program on natural health and healing; and variety program City Beat. As well as English TV program Alternate State and Insight,  a documentary on alternate medicine for healthy body, mind and spirit. And interviewed on radio Capital 95.8FM on Reiki and CNBC about Pyramid energy.  And magazines such as Family.

Lawrence recognize that the greatest gift to another person may be the opportunity for them to develop and exercise their own capacities to heal and help themselves. And Reiki is just that gift for the person to self-help and helping their loved ones.

There’s no substitute for real life personal experience to see the effectiveness of wonderful Reiki.

What’s  REIKI ?

An oriental art of energy healing originated from Tibet. The Japanese word REIKI means Universal Life Force Energy. Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered the system in the 1800’s.

REIKI is very unique and cannot be said to be similar to any other forms of energy healing systems. To begin with, other forms of energy systems are based on polarity i.e positive and negative or ying and yang, also known as magnetic healing.

Reiki is not similar to:- Laying-on-of-hands, Pranic healing, Chi Kung, Mahikari, Magnified healing, Psychic healing, etc. REIKI is REIKI. And there are no abc reiki or xyz reiki.

Reiki is very effective and easy to apply. Reiki practitioner do not risk picking up negative energy released by the people that are receiving Reiki energy during a treatment session.

Reiki is a wholistic way of life. Its teaching enhance physical wellness, emotional balance, mental calmness and spiritual awareness. Reiki is more than learning and knowing it or being attuned to it, more important is living it, living by the principles of the REIKI teaching.

Reiki is the only system of energy work that truly understands and appreciates the wonders and powers of the Cosmic Energy and the innate wisdom of our own body. This is evident through the technique of Reiki being so simple, yet so profound.

Interview for a magazine on Reiki:

What Is It?

Reiki literally means “universal life force”. The practice of Reiki allows a person to tap into the energy flow (qi, prana, or ki) that is said to circulate in and around all living beings for good health. The energy of Reiki is said to have a so-called innate intelligence which directs it to the areas that need it. The process can’t be explained — there’s no scientific proof. “You can only see the end result,” says Mr Lawrence Leow, a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki can only be channelled by someone who has been attuned to do so.

Effect On Children

All kids, from those with a poor immune system to those who are hyperactive, can be treated with Reiki. “We had a child who just couldn’t focus in school, his mind was always drifting away, even when doing homework. With Reiki treatment, his mother observed a great difference, and there was a big jump in his school grades,” says Mr Leow. Mr Leow believes that prevention is better than cure, and that everybody should know Reiki to help themselves and to make themselves stronger.


The average treatment takes one to 1½ hrs. Treatment focuses on the seven energy centres called the chakras. A hand is placed on the chakras, one at a time for two to seven minutes. If there is a specific problem, for instance a stomach-ache or a cut on the finger, the hand would be placed on the painful area to channel the energy there until there is no pain. Different people detect the Reiki energy differently, for instance some do not feel anything, some feel warmth while others feel a throbbing sensation.
“I have seen people with beginning and terminal stages of cancer. For those in the terminal stage, Reiki helps improves their quality of life. It reduces their pain and the side-effects of chemotherapy. It helped an 84-year-old lady sleep well and leave this world peacefully. For those in the beginning stages, there is 50% chance of getting their immune system to work,” says Mr Leow.

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How Do You Benefit From REIKI  

  1. Speeds up healing process and supports your body’s ability to heal itself
  2. Promotes peace and calmness, eliminates stress, anxiety and insomnia
  3. Immediate results, do not require years of practice
  4. Strengthen your immune system and detoxify you
  5. Treat minor ailments as well as chronic illness
  6. Opens the door to your heart and heals you
  7. Gives you vitality and mental clarity
  8. Its easy, effective, efficient and safe
  9. You can apply Reiki any time
  10. Helps in meditation

 Who Should Have REIKI

Everyone should ..

  • Everyone .. If you treasure good health, good relationship, peace, harmony, abundance and love.
  • If you have lots of money, you should have REIKI so you can have good health to enjoy your wealth.
  • If you think you have no money, you must have REIKI. It will save you medical bills.
  • If you have children, have REIKI so they can benefit as well.
  • If you want good sleep, have REIKI !
  • Everyone n YOU !

5 Principles of REIKI

Just For Today, I Will Let Go Of Worry
Just  For  Today,  I  Will  Let  Go  Of  Anger
Just For Today, I Will Love And Respect All Life Forms
Just For Today, I Will Count My Many Blessings
Just For Today, I Will Live My Life Honestly

Unlimited Benefits to You Thru’ the REIKI Way of Living
No Worry No Anger, Fill With Love and Respect
Live in Abundance and Harmony.

In the REIKI workshop that we conduct, you will learn how to Convert WORDs Into ACTIONs,
You will live the REIKI Way, you will Walk the Talk and Have Full Benefit from REIKI.

~~~  Contentment Is Not The Fulfillment Of What You Want  ~~~
It Is The Realization Of How Much You Already Have !!!

Feedback from our Reiki students

It’s been an eventful few days …. I had a tv remote that had stopped working over 4 years ago … I just used the power symbol on it on Saturday night and it’s now working superbly ….
I used the harmony symbol to calm our daughter ….. worked wonderfully…
Sent distance healing to my father in law … got very strong vibrations from his left kidney and to my surprise I learnt that he had kidney stones in his left kidney … coincidence ?? … It must be the Reiki 2 doing wonders ….

Thanks Lawrence … U have opened up my world to all sorts of possibilities …

Patrick, Feb 2012

I had just completed my level 1 in December.

FYI, just to share with you that before I took up Reiki level 1 I was about to have a surgery to remove a lump on my back but today at hospital the doctor told me its gone totally with no trace at all.

Just want to say thank you for teaching me about Reiki.
Doreen, Dec 2011
“Thanks to your Reiki transmission, I am a changed person now, I am very kind and forgiving towards others, I almost cannot believe that I am capable of such love. My sinus is no more. My body is like a charged battery.  You are right, the bliss and joy are there. May all beings partake in my blessings.”

Lester Lim

“We were so impressed and glad that we have found a great teacher.”
Kazuhiro n Akemi Hattori

“I’d learned Reiki 1 & 2 before knowing Lawrence. I told him about my problem of always feeling tired and drained after doing Reiki for my husband and children, and for my friends. He said I may not have been properly attuned or what I’d learned may not be the actual Reiki because none of the above problem should happen to a person having been attuned with Reiki. 
Lawrence re-attuned me to Reiki and those problems of getting tired and drained from giving others Reiki don’t happen anymore and in fact I feel rather energized myself.”
Lim Bee Leng

“I stop using sinus-spray two weeks after treating myself with Reiki. My father scalded his hand with hot oil, it was quite bad. I Reiki his hand thru’ the bandages. When he visited his doctor to change dressing for the hand, the doc was very surprised at his rate of healing.”

Edwin Yap

“I apply Reiki on myself for gastric pain. The pain went off after a while and I went back to sleep. This happens in the middle of the night.”
Florence L Y

“I have felt the effect of Reiki guiding me to heal those around me, be it directly or indirectly. It has also provided a framework for me to address issues and problems which I may encounter in my life.”

“I’ve sinus problem. But my nose stops to run in the morning 2 weeks after having Reiki”
Alex Liao

“I re-take my Reiki training with Lawrence. He is able to provide me with answers that my other ‘Reiki teacher’ can’t. I took my Master Level with Lawrence.
Belinda C.  Reiki Master,   England