For your convenience, you can arrange individual lesson with us. If you have a group of like-minded friends who like to attend a course together, simply contact us for arrangement.
Cost fee is the same.
Please use the Sign-Up Form to contact us for details.

Reiki 1st Degree

New Update
1) 14th & 15th Nov
Time: 1.oo to 4.oopm
Handbook included
2 sessions$380.oo
Reiki 2nd Degree

New Update
1) 6th Dec (Wed)
Time: 1.oo to 4.oopm
Handbook included
2 sessions$750.oo
Reiki Mastership 3AUpon request.
Reiki Mastership 3BUpon request
Crystal Healing Beginner

New Update
Contact us for details
(Includes 12 pcs of Crystals n Handbook)
2 sessions$420.oo
Crystal Healing Intermediate(Includes 1 Master Crystal n Handbook)2 sessions$800.oo
Crystal Healing Advance
Psychic Development Workshop

New Update
31st August 2-4pm, every Saturday6 wks$600.oo
Crystal Ball Gazing (Reading)Prerequisite: completed Psychic Development workshop. (6 sessions)6 wks$900.oo
Crystal Mandala Meditation - Law Of Attraction Available now. Private session. Duration 1 hour. Appointment required. $280.oo
Magick Contact us for details. Individual sessions welcome.4 wks$450.oo
Divinity Mandala Walk -
basking in Divine Presence