Services provided by Able N Trust (S) includes the followings:

Personal Mandala

What is a Personal Mandala ?It is personalised Crystal Mandala grid work that carries specific energy vortex to meet your specific needs. A combination of various type of crystals are used to actualise your goal, manifesting spirit into matter for personal achievements and transformations.

The Personal Mandala is created through informations channelled by Master Crystals. Very specific pieces of Crystals are chosen for use on creating the mandala.

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Positive Energy Grid – PEG


ENHANCE YOUR HOME and OFFICE WITH POSITIVE ENERGY For Harmony, Abundance, Health and Love.

If you’re moving to a new home, looking for new house or already living in a house that don’t feel right, we’re able to help you to have a home that enhance abundance in all aspects for you and your loved ones’ life.

Nope we’re not talking about feng-shui but its much better with none of the limitations faced by feng-shui.

Positive Energy Grid (PEG) is an all encompassing energy field that includes everyone in the premises. The whole premise is embrace in positive life force to enhance all the goodness …

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Crystal Grid

A Grid is a formation of lay-lines creating a very strong vortex of Life Force energy. The Grid work is created with specific purpose and focus on the intended goal.

Crystal Grid is very effective in achieving the desired results due to the powerful energy that are in the Crystals and the “programbility” of the Crystals to focus on specific goals.

One of the main application of Crystal Grid is to bring in Positive Energy (sheng qi) into an environment ie your home, offices, factories….This is to change and to enhance the energy (feng-shui) of the place. In fact the setup of a Crystal Grid over-rides the concept of feng-shui in bringing in Life Force into the environment.

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