Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy with Lawrence Leow

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells and Cymbals are the best instruments for creating sounds for Sound Therapy. They are made from a combination of five to seven minerals and each mineral giving its unique vibration when the bowl, bell or cymbal is knock with a stick.

Healing comes from overtones of sound and the Tibetan Bowls provide the best overtones no other sound instruments can match. The vibration of these overtones go deep into every part of your body, and every tissue and cell receive a gentle yet strong “massage” (this is deep tissue massage in the true sense of the word). Negative imprint in your cells will be shaken out and release. And complete harmony can be restored in you. Sounds good and works well too.

Sound therapy is conducted by Lawrence Leow who was featured in the September 2oo6 issue of Her World magazine and on channel 5 Art Of Health on 13th Oct 2oo6.

Each session takes about an hour.  Cost: $100.oo


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