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Stress Related Disease
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The followings are some Stress-Related-Disease
Amenorrhoea (absence of menstration)Retina detachment
Coronary heart diseaseCandida
Brain strokeMicturition problems (problems passing urine)
Diabetes mellitusSexual problems: impotence, frigidity, vaginismus
Ulcerative colitisEnuresis (incontinence of urine)
Skin rashes (eczema)Arthritis
Irritable bowel syndromeAlopecia (hair loss)
Back painMultiple sclerosis
Essential hypertensionMotor neurone disease
Migraine headaches
Stress-related diseases, like the signs of stress, are messengers for change. Their source lies in a combination of deep inner distress and sad outer circumstances. What is crucial here is the creation of safety so that you can face and heal the emotional issues that your diseased body is signaling so strongly to you. Your movement towards healing will be greatly helped when you have people around you who are accepting and supportive of you.When children are emotionally distressed, they are even more likely than adults to speak through their bodies. One of the reasons for this is that they have not yet developed the emotional literacy to express their inner conflicts. Typical symptoms and illnesses that reveal children’s insecurities are nail-baiting, rocking, bed-wetting, fretting, nausea, stomach pain, nightmares, hyperventilation, asthma, psoriasis. Many adults and men especially, are also emotionally illiterate and it is their bodies which often reveal their inner fears and insecurities. Male social conditioning where young boys are told not to be ‘a sissy’, not to be ‘a crybaby’, to be ‘brave and act like a man’, has made it unsafe for men to express many of their emergency feelings. The higher incidence of heart disease and suicide among men is linked to this “unsafety” around the expression of feelings. Feelings provide the energy for the “fight” or “flight” response and when this energy is not unleashed it remains, like steam in a blocked kettle, a pressure inside the body and, particularly, within the cardiovascular system.

When you have learned to celebrate, value, respect, honour, appreciate, nurture, listen to, challenge, praise, affirm and encourage yourself are you then in a position to do likewise for others. Love begins at home with oneself and radiates out from there to others. When there is darkness in your own spirit, then no true light can shine out from you to others. Remember the maxim: Healer Heal Thyself.

Why Choose Alternative Therapy ?

Modern medicine has certainly given us plenty of miracles and provided hope for many. In emergencies, fast-acting drugs can mean the difference between life and death. However, current drugs aren’t fail-proof, neither with physical ills like asthma or eczema, nor development or psychological conditions like learning or behavioural difficulties or special needs. Modern drugs also often come with undesirable side-effects. Which is why, more and more people are turning to alternative methods to help heal and boost their immunity in the long term.