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Able N Trust (S)

261 Waterloo St.,
#01-26 Waterloo Centre,
Tel: 6333 9593/2, 87260038
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The following therapies are available at Able N Trust (S). Please make an appointment for the therapy by calling us or by the Appointment Form on the left of this page.

Please allow as many days of advance notice for your appointment as possible. We will confirm your appointment by calling you or a reply to your email.

Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy ?

It is an ancient healing art of laying-on-of-stones to bring back vitality, strength, health, balance, harmony, power and peace to the receiver. And to explore…

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Reiki Therapy

What is Reiki therapy ?

Reiki therapy infuse you with Universal Life Force Energy to release you of tensions, aches and pains, anxiety, stress, confusion, anger and discontentment. You…

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Sound Therapy

What is use in Sound Therapy ?

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells and Cymbals are the best instruments for creating sounds for Sound Therapy. They are made from a combination of five to seven…

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D I Y Therapy

Water Therapy and Urine Therapy

These are therapies you can do for yourself at home. They are very beneficial for your overall well-being. If you have sensitive skin, athlete’s foot, bad breathe, constipation, piles, HBP, arthritis etc, do try out these DIY therapy.

Crystal Healing Techniques – Advance Layouts For Aura Healing by Medha Tan

The techniques presented are to assist you in re-alignment of your body’s energy system, to enhance and strengthen your Aura.

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