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Able N Trust (S) was founded by Medha Tan in 1993. We are one of the first New Age Healing schools in Singapore to offer the art of holistic healing. Medha has worked extensively in the art of New Age Healing for over 25 years. Her professional experience includes Crystal and Reiki healing, teaching, divinations and other healing modalities. One of her most distinctive works is the creation of the Crystal Mandala in 1995.

Our brand has also been featured on various TV programs, radio and magazine interviews over the last two decades, namely: Alternate State, Infusion, Capital 95.8FM, The Living Room, I-S Magazine, Her World, Elle, Urbanite+e, Female, Vaidurya, Prestige.

We believe that everyone has the capability of becoming the master of their own destiny. Over the years, we have accumulated an extensive knowledge and experience on harnessing natural powers to realise our goals. We attribute our success to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe in the uniqueness and authenticity of our work and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service. 

Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Ball Reading

Seer into your future

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

Insight Revelation

Personalised Crystal Mandala

Personalised Crystal Mandala

Achieve your goals

Crystal Mandala Meditation

Crystal Mandala Meditation

Universe Symbols

Crystal Mandala Meditation

Crystal Mandala Meditation

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A Crystal Mandala is a pattern that uses an array of crystal energy and geometry to create a sacred image that can bring about healing and transformation. The specific energy grid assists individuals in achieving physical healing, personal empowerment, harmony in relationships and the attainment of a successful and fulfilling life. 

In 1999, our Founder Medha pioneered the first Crystal Mandala Walk, inspired during a crystal divination meditation named as Initiation to the Millennium Year. 

Enormous earth energy surges constantly, unfolding on a magnificent scale. This rapid movement brings about great effect onto every single being. The Crystal Mandala meditation helps us to stay strong and focused; it allows us to continue to connect our energy cord with the earth’s force field. It aims to assist each individual in achieving synchronisation with the rapid movement of the magnetic force field and connect with the cosmos.

The Mandala utilises many different crystals and gemstones to form various patterns in order to activate the sacred geometry to its highest power. With the combination of both crystal power and sacred patterns, we are able to evoke a divine force to assist in healing and transformation.

During the meditation, participants will sit or lay in the array of crystals to harness the essence of light. Participants will be able to unify Light, Sound and Consciousness - the essential factors that merge Heaven and Earth to create a vortex of energy for true healing.

Cost: $300.00 per session



Medha’s work continues to expand to allow each individual to possess their own personal Crystal Mandala. The personal Crystal Mandala is a palm-sized mandala created specially for an individual to achieve their desired goals. Each mandala is created to suit the needs of the individual and no two mandala are the same. 

The Personalised Crystal Mandala is a Personalised Symbol that carries a specific energy vortex to meet the owner’s needs. Every piece of crystal and gemstone is  carefully selected to suit the individual’s energy.

We highly recommend gemstones for its high and precision of energy. The lustre and sharpness of colour are the expressions of their purity in essence that can transform energy in a vast, swift and large scale. They have the power to infuse intentional and intensive energy to sharpen one's magnetic force field and attract  positive energy.

A personal symbol is harnessed and evoked through the formulated patterns and gemstones. The divine creation is a power circuit angulating the various energies to effect the intent and assist you to actualise your goal, manifesting spirit into matter for personal achievements and transformations. Your Personalised Crystal Mandala amplifies the energy, directing the energy in a very concentrated manner to heal the subject so as to bring alignment, integration and manifestation to its optimal.

Service Fee : $200



The purpose of a Tarot Card reading is to seek directions and solutions to your worries and doubts. Want to know where your life is heading, whether romance is around the corner, or whether it is time to move on? The Tarot Cards will help unlock the answers that were already within you. 

Cost: $120.00 per session



Look into the depth of the Crystal Ball to unveil your life journey. The Crystal Ball is a powerful instrument to access your deepest psyche and reveal aspects of your subject in question that did not occur to you. 

Cost: $200.00 per session

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Crystal and Reiki Healing Therapy

Crystal healing is an ancient form of therapy that involves the art of laying stones on one’s vital points to promote physical wellness, emotional and mental harmony in combination with reiki treatment. The types of crystals used will be carefully chosen to suit the customer’s needs and conditions. 

Cost: $200 per session

Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki therapy can help to promote the body’s natural healing by relieving physical pain, emotional and mental stress. It induces a deep relaxation and helps one cope with anxiety and tension. Treatment focuses on the seven energy centres called the chakras as well as minor chakras.

The average treatment takes one hour. If there is a specific problem, more time will be required to focus on channeling the Reiki energy to that area for healing.

Cost: $50 per half hour session



We provide Crystal Pyramidal grid setup for your home and offices. We will assess the floor plan of your premise to customise and install a personal grid in your homes and offices using quality and natural crystals.

The Crystal Pyramidal Grid is the best solution that allows the entire space to be shielded with positive energy. It is cost-efficient and benefits every member of the home, as well as plants and pets. Furthermore, it is able to charge up areas where stagnant energy (yin chi) is found. 

Pyramidal grids channel positive energy into the unit to assist every member. It also promotes good health, brings peace and harmony and circulates good energy (sheng chi) within the space. The Pyramidal shield protects and repels external negative energy (sha chi) which arises possibly from building structures, roads and negative environments.

The set up is free of charge when customers purchase crystals from our store.

If you’re moving to a new home, looking for a new house or already living in a house that doesn't feel right, we are able to provide on-site energy consultation. We do so by analysing internal and external building structures, earth energy movements where your unit resides, environmental energy and the flow of chi transfers from these effects.

$380.00 (single level apartment) 

$880.00 (landed property and office)

$1280.00 (Area above 10000 sq feet)



Hands on Healing

Reiki means the Universal Life Force Energy. It originated in Tibet and was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1800s. The practice of Reiki allows one to tap into the energy flow (qi, prana, or ki) for good health. The Reiki energy requires an initiation by a Reiki Master in order to be properly harnessed. Use Reiki to align your chakras and channel energy to perform Reiki on others through our uniquely designed techniques. 

There are three level  in this course - 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and Mastership. In each workshop, you will receive a workbook and a certificate upon completion.



Gifts of Healing

Crystals are the beautiful creation of mother nature in its abundance of colours and forms. Each carries unique energy pattern that can be used to enhance healing on all aspects through an individual light system. Learn the knowledge of crystal healing to experience love, peace, harmony, health, abundance and all the wonderful things in life

There are three level of Crystal Healing courses - Beginner, Intermediate and Teacher's course

In these courses, you will learn about the different qualities of crystals and how to harness their powers to bolster healing. You will also learn about the alignment of chakras and the placement of crystals for energy healing. In depth study of Chakras system, Aura and Hara line. Learn the crystals' patterns to create crystal grids and activate them with Master crystals.

At the end of the course, you will be able to apply crystal healing for yourself and for others. Workshop includes: Crystals, reading materials, and a certificate upon completion.



We have a wide selections of crystal specimens, gemstones, jewellery and other related products from all over the world offered both online and in store. We pride to deliver high quality of our products to you.



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