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Since 1999, Able N Trust has served the holistic community with pride -- customers who have attended our Mandala meditations have sung praises of the good effects they have felt and experienced afterward. Here at Able N Trust, we would like to invite you to experience this Divine creation. 


In the tranquil depths of your inner world lies a sacred space, where the harmony of the universe dances in the rhythm of your breath. Come embark on the Earthkeeper Mandala Meditation, to a journey of aligning your Hara Line, grounding yourself with the earth, and harnessing the power of manifestation. 


This Earthkeeper Mandala Meditation is your sacred space, a reservoir of focused energy and accomplishment, with its focus on aligning the hara line and connecting with Earth's energies, serves multiple purposes aimed at personal and spiritual growth. 


The hara line, an energetic line in the body, is associated with core strength, purpose, and accomplishment. Aligning the hara line helps foster a deeper connection with the Earth and the universe. This connection enhances spiritual awareness, intuition, and a sense of purpose, aligning you with your higher self and spiritual goals.


Being in harmony with the Earth’s energy is to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. By aligning yourself  with the Earth's natural vibrations, you can facilitate healing processes within your bodies and minds. You can establish a strong connection between your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, promoting overall well-being. 


The Earth's stable energy serves as a foundation upon which your intentions can take root and grow. By aligning with Earth's energy, you draw upon its resilience and steadiness, enhancing your own inner strength. The Earthkeeper Meditation helps you to ground yourself in the present moment. It allows you to connect with the Earth's stable and calming energies, helping you feel centred, balanced, and rooted in reality.


The Earthkeeper Meditation is to assist you to get into a state of flow, to be in tune with the natural world where actions seem effortless and natural. When you are in harmony with Earth's energy and your hara line is aligned, you're in good flow. This state of flow enhances productivity and helps you to accomplish tasks and goals smoothly, allowing your goals to materialise more effectively.


Come join us in this Earthkeeper Mandala Meditation, with its emphasis on hara line alignment and grounding, serves the purpose of creating a stable, focused, and aligned inner state. This state enhances manifestation, goal achievement, emotional regulation, and spiritual connection, empowering individuals to navigate life with strength, purpose, and accomplishment!


Starting from 1st till 20th October 2023 - Contact us now to book a slot!

Past Sessions

White Sand and Stone


2023 Crystal Mandala Meditation

This meditation aims to promote inner healing, spiritual growth, and alignment with higher frequencies. The combination of the energy of crystals with the sacred geometry of a mandala set the intentions of releasing fear, clearing blockages, harnessing divine beings, 

and balancing our mind, body, and spirit.


Sit comfortably in the array of crystals, as we invoke the presence of divine beings and spiritual guides, we are showered with purity and cleared of fear and blockages. and have our vibration raised. We seek this opportunity to resonate with the universe force, call upon their wisdom to cultivate strength, wellbeing and material success for year 2023 and continue.


2022 Crystal Mandala Meditation

Usher in the new year with great dynamism! Hundreds of crystals and gemstones namely Ruby, Kunzite, Citrine, Celestials, Emerald, Clear Quartz Spheres, Smokey Quartz, Apatite, Rose Quartz are specially gridded to evoke the sacred circle of Divine light. 

Bask in this light energy for purification, nourishment, and empowerment to our energy light system. Reinforce our Earthstar to stay grounded and in tune with the Cosmos with dynamic strength. 

In with the Divine Presence, we seek connection, guidance and protection to matters we are concerned, to people we love and to what we are venturing. Let's initiate the year 2022 with Dynamic Power!