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Reiki 3rd Degree Certification Course

  • 3 hours
  • From 1,800 Singapore dollars
  • Waterloo Street

Service Description

Reiki means the Universal Life Force Energy. It originated in Tibet and was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1800s. The practice of Reiki allows one to tap into the energy flow (qi, prana, or ki) for good health. The Reiki energy requires an initiation by a Reiki Master in order to be properly harnessed. Use Reiki to align your chakras and channel your energy to perform Reiki on others through our uniquely designed techniques. Reiki Mastership 3A, also known as Reiki Master/Teacher Level, represents the culmination of a practitioner's Reiki journey and their readiness to step into a role of teaching and guiding others on their own Reiki paths. At this level, individuals deepen their connection to Reiki energy, receive powerful attunements, and learn the Master symbol, which amplifies their ability to channel healing energy. Reiki Mastership 3A Level represents a significant milestone in the Reiki practitioner's journey, marking their readiness to guide and teach others. It is a time of deep personal transformation, expanded consciousness, and the integration of Reiki principles into all aspects of life. With attunements and the Master symbol, Reiki Masters embrace their role as conduits of healing energy, embodying the spirit of compassion, love, and service to humanity. ` Reiki Mastership 3B Level represents the highest level of Reiki training and mastery. At this stage, practitioners have developed a deep understanding of Reiki principles, techniques, and energy healing, and are ready to share their knowledge and expertise by becoming Reiki teachers. Reiki Mastership 3B Level focuses on cultivating teaching skills, mentorship, and guiding others on their own Reiki journeys. Reiki Mastership 3B Level marks the pinnacle of Reiki training and represents a significant responsibility to share the gift of Reiki with others. Reiki Teachers and Masters serve as catalysts for transformation, empowering their students to tap into their own healing abilities and spiritual potential. With their teaching mastery, attunement skills, and commitment to the Reiki community, they contribute to the expansion and dissemination of Reiki worldwide.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment , please notify me via phone 87260038 or email Thank you

Contact Details

  • 261 Waterloo St, Singapore


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