Since 1999, Able N Trust has been proud to serve our community and has been highly praised by customers of the good effects after attending the mandala meditation. We will like to invite you to experience this Divine creation.


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Vital Force

Love and Healing Mandala unified the elements of Earth, Circle of Light and Higher Self Life Force to assist you in recognizing and utilizing your inherent vital force to re-connect, re-root, re-structure in this period of vast cosmos changes. 

The Love and Healing mandala, an alchemical transformation of energy, moves in an uninhibited flow between self and ones spiritual guides. Intensive healing to the four subtle bodies through strengthening grounding element to stay focus on the earthplane, regain physical wellness. Sacred symbols to release self-recrimination and denial, and further develop self-love and self-respect. In flow with the Universe Unconditional Love.


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