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Since 1999, Able N Trust has served the holistic community with pride -- customers who have attended our Mandala meditations have sung praises of the good effects they have felt and experienced afterward. Here at Able N Trust, we would like to invite you to experience this Divine creation. 


2022 Crystal Mandala Meditation Now Available

Usher in the new year with great dynamism! Hundreds of crystals and gemstones namely Ruby, Kunzite, Citrine, Celestials, Emerald, Clear Quartz Spheres, Smokey Quartz, Apatite, Rose Quartz are specially gridded to evoke the sacred circle of Divine light. 

Bask in this light energy for purification, nourishment, and empowerment to our energy light system. Reinforce our Earthstar to stay grounded and in tune with the Cosmos with dynamic strength. 

In with the Divine Presence, we seek connection, guidance and protection to matters we are concerned, to people we love and to what we are venturing. Let's initiate the year 2022 with Dynamic Power!

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In the year of 2021, we are continuing through pathways of unevenness, surrounded with uncertainty, walking through the tunnel searching and hoping for light soon. 2021 Crystal Mandala is configurated using an array of gemstones tapping the sacred geometrical symbols, evoking the universal life force to assist each one of us to be able to take up the challenges ahead and seize all opportunities for good changes.

During the meditation, we seek to re-charge our body, mind and soul. The grid is geared to revitalize our physical, emotional, metal and spiritual bodies. It serves to harmonize our connectivity with people and matters so to be in good flow to achieve and complete tasks. Our earth star is strengthens, thus we are able to actualize goals swiftly and firmly. In this sacred space, we further seek to connect with all Divine and Celestials for guidance and protection in our life journey.  

Lets harness the energy of 2021 Crystal Mandala to increase our light to shine and bring more laughter and joy to ourself and love ones!

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