Since 1999, Able N Trust has been proud to serve our community and has been highly praised by customers of the good effects after attending the mandala meditation. We will like to invite you to experience this Divine creation.





Vast rapid movement from the Earth challenging the cosmos and every individual light system in various forms. Distorting the rooting with the earth energy which further weakens the alignment with the magnetic force field. This gives rise to disharmony and fear, lost of inspirations, feeling stagnate, increases sadness and negative thinking which could bring harm to physical and mental wellness.

Believe (Myself) Crystal Mandala is gridded to harness the earth energy in good flow to 'restore' harmony in our light system, align the chakras to their optimal vibration. The mandala is to inject us with great positiveness and opens up opportunities to continue life journey knowing 'nothing fails unless we fail ourselves' -  Believe I Can


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