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Crystal Healing courses

Modern technology use crystals in many products, these include computers, ultrasound devices, watches, communication systems, laser technology etc. This is due to the fact that crystals can Store, Amplify, Transform, Focus and Transfer energy. This is know as Piezoelectric effect.
Individual crystal has its unique energy pattern that helps you to heal and balance yourself. Let the crystals help you to experience love, peace, harmony, health, abundance and all the wonderful things in life.

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What’s REIKI ?

An oriental art of energy healing originated from Tibet. The Japanese word REIKI means Universal Life Force Energy. Dr MikaoUsui rediscovered the system in the 1800’s .. 
REIKI is very unique and cannot be said to be similar to any other forms of energy healing systems. To begin with, other forms of energy systems are based on polarity i.e positive and negative or ying and yang ..

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Magick CandleMagick CandleMagick CandleMagick Candle

Magick … invoking the Power and Forces of Nature !

“The Force Is With You” ……. This is the Power of Magick.

How to have the Force to be with you. This is the secret study of Magick and its connection to the forces of the Universe. Thus it is known as UNIVERSAL MAGICK.

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Psychic Development Workshop

The objectives of Psychic Development Workshop are to:

Discover your strongest hidden potential
Unleash that potential in the shortest time

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