Natural Crystals & Minerals

Able N Trust (S) has been supplying quality products for the holistic community since 1993. We import all our products directly from suppliers overseas to keep cost low and quality high. Each crystal is handpicked to ensure its quality as well as its energy functionality. Every piece is cleansed and charged before it is on display.

Golden Healer Clusters

Golden Healer Quartz Clusters from Arkansas. Rare specimens. Highly recommended as one of the powerful Master Crystals in Metaphysical healing. It also share similar properties of Citrine quartz.

Fluorite Crystals & Matrix

Fluorite - natural formations that come in octahedral shape, matrix and pyramidal shapes. It promotes healing in bones. It helps in mental concentration, increases memory and further heightens mental octave. Used during meditation, it assists us to comprehend universe language and to attain ancient knowledge and wisdom.  

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