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"We were so impressed and glad that we have found a great teacher."

- Kazuhiro & Akemi H.

"This shop gives me a sense of peace when I enter it. The crystals on display are rare and unique selections difficult to find elsewhere."

- Emund W. 

"A great experience. The crystals are beautiful and the shopkeeper is very friendly. She helped me personalize a crystal mandala, and it has brought me good fortune ever since!"

- Samuel T. 

"I visited Able N Trust looking for some crystals for my office in order to boost my luck and wealth. I was greeted by the owner who was friendly and extremely experienced in her craft. She was very detailed and patient as we went through everything: from the placement of the crystals to the suitability of the different crystals for the obstacles I was facing. Medha also guided me through a Crystal Mandala Meditation that left me feeling more confident, abundant and recharged; effects that I am still feeling to this day. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

- Damen, March 2020

"Every session is always facilitated with great detail, to check in with the attendee's key concerns, and also helping to adjust our bodies/minds, to ensure we get the most out of the session, effectively & comfortably. Having sat through different mandalas, I found them unique in its energy flow; some feel deeply grounding, to the extent of my body heating up, while some feels soft & calming, putting me to sleep.
On days when I am overly tensed or fidgety, there is never a time where Medha is pressurizing or pushy, but in fact very patient & accommodating to my well-being. That said, she doesn’t sugar-coat her words, if she identifies something important for her to sound out. This honesty, and sharp psychic sense that she brings forth in her guidance, has been a key aspect in bridging my trust with her services. 

For me, energy & spiritual wellness has always been challenging to illustrate or prove in straight-off “tangible” ways. What is considered tangible anyway? Only you yourself (and perhaps your close ones) will be the best testament. When I started to see myself change, so did my quality of life. It certainly wasn’t a bed of roses, but it just kept getting better, and I could not be more thankful for where I am today. With confidence & certainty, I have observed an enormous shift of my current state of affairs, after beginning my work with crystals & meditation under Medha’s guidance.In terms of mental, emotional & spiritual aspects, I am so much more grounded, confident, stronger & at peace with myself, and how I deal with my surroundings. This improvement of my inner relationship has impacted greatly on my external relationships & matters with loved ones, work, and individual pursuits. Having said that, the journey definitely doesn’t end for me. It has only begun.With her teachings, the discovery of crystal mandalas, meditation & energy work, has opened up an endless amount of positivity & possibilities to my quality of life. Thank you so much. J

- Jane L.

Testimonials (cont.d)

"It's been an eventful few days... I had a TV remote that stopped working over 4 years ago. I just used the power symbol on it on Saturday night and now it's working superbly... I used the harmony symbol to calm my daughter and it worked wonderfully... Sent distance healing to my father-in-law; got very strong vibrations from his left kidney and to my surprise I learnt that he had kidney stones in his left kidney... coincidence?? It must be the Reiki 2 doing wonders... Able N Trust has opened up my world to all sorts of possibilities."

- Patrick, Feb 2012 

"I had just completed my Reiki level 1 in December. FYI, just to share with you that before I took up Reiki level 1 I was about to remove a lump on my back but today at hospital the doctor told me its gone totally with no trace at all. Just want to say thank you for teaching me about Reiki."

- Doreen, Dec 2011 

"Everyone who visited my new home have been giving me very positive feedback in terms of good feeling, warmth and feeling comfortable. Common comment is that it is a beautiful and nice place. I recently had a gathering with some close friends and his little son feels so comfortable that he climb on my bed to play. The comment my friend made was that it is a good house otherwise kids will not do what his son is doing. Felt very happy and glad by his remarks. Believed the cleansing and setup of the pyramid does work."

- May F. 

Emund Wu, Sept 2019

Thank you! The Reiki master symbol is incredibly helpful![...] also I've been very positive and grounded since Earthkeeper came so it's really working!

Zann, Oct 2016 & Jan 2017

Crystal Mandala Reviews

Crystal Mandala, assortment of precious gemstones arranged on an agate plate

"Teacher, thank you very much. Today I woke up with my pink loving energy in my heart. I mediated with my crystal mandala and this is the best meditation so far. I feel so peaceful, loved and calm. I'm so blessed to having you giving me the healing. Thank you!"

- Kim, September 2020

"This is a masterpiece that I love and a mandala that helps me through obstacles all these times. Medha and I can attest that the Ruby is constantly changing its color since the time that I started using it. The mandala has helped me transform and I believe it will help me overcome whatever obstacles I may face."

- Wang Yi, September 2019 

"On 5th June, I collected my personal crystal mandala from Medha. This is my first time having a personalized crystal mandala done and glad that I got it from Able N Trust. I came to know the shop many years ago when it was at Lucky Plaza and was introduced to crystal healing since then. I've also done Reiki healing courses 1 & 2 with them and I found it really powerful when you combined crystal healing through the personal mandala and Reiki. After collecting my personal mandala, I immediately started to work with it by placing it on my chest to meditate lying down. I started to align my chakras to the mandala. On the 2nd week, I had some pain and sourness in my right knee due to my long-distance walking of more than 10km that morning.

That night before sleeping, I placed the mandala on my chest, took some deep breathing to align with the crystals, and used my Reiki energy to channel it to my right knee and clear the pain and sourness. After about 5-10 minutes, I could feel some tingling sensation on my right knee like an electrical shock going through it and my right leg started to convulse and jerk by itself. I was shocked by this sudden convulsion but knew that it must be the healing power of both the crystals and Reiki moving inside my knee. It lasted about another 2-3 minutes and stopped. I fell asleep after that with the mandala still on my chest. I woke up in the middle of the night to put it away and the knee pain was gone. There were a number of other instances regarding shoulder and neck pain which I used the mandala to heal. I would like to thank Medha for creating my personal crystal mandala and the Reiki training that I took up from the Center to enhance my personal well-being. Namaste."

- Lawrence K., June 2021

"15 Aug I did a Mandala. It was a total new experience for me. I wanted to improve my luck, personality, career, and energy booster, etc. I told Medha that I have knee cap pain so not able to sit with crossed legs. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the 1-hour session. These were what I experienced: 1) after lying down for less than 5 minutes, I saw green and purple color; 2) I felt energy moving in my body; 3) I felt 'someone' sprinkle icy cold droplets on my both legs especially the feet area and on my right palm, 4) my right leg where my knee cap pain is, started to feel uncomfortable which required me to move my right leg during the session. 5) I experienced a sudden force that pushes my tummy to 'the left side', and 6) I felt someone touch and 'hold' my right hand. After the session, I felt good, relaxed and filled with positive energy. I touched my right leg, and to my surprise, it was much warmer than my left. It seemed like someone has warmed my right leg with a hot blanket. I kept asking Medha: 'Did you sprinkle water on my both legs and right palm?', 'Did you touch and push my tummy to the left side?', 'did you touch and hold my right hand?'.Her answer is NO......hahahaha...Thank you, Medha. I enjoyed the Mandala session very much. It was a very beautiful experience and I got to experience different energy coming from the crystals and gems. I got to experience the healing power of Mandala for my kneecap. Thank you very much."

- Mee Y., Aug 2020 

"Thanks Medha! Seen improvement in both my kids after Mandala Grid."

- Josephine G., Jul 2018

"Hi Teacher. My daughter gave birth already. Give thanks to Reiki. I send distant healing alot. And she go through smooth and healthy. I'm so grateful to your teaching... Thank you teacher."

- Kim, May 2020 

"The Pyramidal grid setup came at a time when a lot of things were happening to me. A time when I feel the energy inside me is draining and undergoing lots of changes. When Medha setup the grid, I can sense a huge dense energy is formed. Once the ritual was done, it was gone in peace. I have feedback to Medha that I can feel the energy or presence of the Apex crystal (5th crystal) becoming smaller. She told me it is the energy movement in the house and I receiving healing.
Periodically, I will use Reiki symbols on the grid and can feel the presence of the Apex growing again. To me, it is an 'Alive' crystal that grows with me and helps me recover from the crisis I am facing..."

- Wang Yi, June 2020 

"I sat on this for a while, before deciding that the time was right, and I sought Medha's help to have it planned for my house. And I was glad I did.

My objectives were clear. Safety, peace & harmony for everyone in the home.  How well did it work? I would definitely think something was/is at work.

Family relationship was not something great in my household; there were regular discords and quarrels, usually stemming from misunderstandings, or often, a clash in personalities. However, this has changed immensely. Communications now encompass a growing patience & amicableness that was absent before. Not to say that personalities became entirely different, but somehow the amount of discord & negative vibes has cut down so much, that it has become a much happier household that I enjoy returning to every day.

There is so much more love and patience in the house, and that has changed in the way we communicate to one another. Thus, allowing a love & harmony that I never experienced before previously.

There was an explosive argument that really came out of nowhere, with both parties losing out temper in a manner that was reminiscent of many years ago. Fact was, the root of those problems was never spoken of/nor dealt with before, due to awkwardness and "face". And year by year, it just got swept under the carpet, or accumulated to some sort of resignation/forgotten resentment.

But that day, the lost of temper finally came down to a milestone. We decided to actually talk about it for once (as uncomfortable as it was). Feelings & emotions that was never talked about, finally emerged for the first time. And that actually helped everyone become more empathetic & understanding towards one another, because it was like a total enlightenment. After the end of the long talk, it felt almost as if a long fought storm blew over, or a huge rock got lifted/dug out from the heart. A load that was so crazy deep seated for more than a decade, that it affected how freely we could communicate & behave amongst one another (as cliche as it sounds, but it literally felt that way)."

- Jane L., June 2020 

Reviews of Home Grid

Crystal Quartz generator and various tarot card decks including "The Fairytale tarot", "The Bohemian cats' tarot", etc.

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