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2024 Crystal Mandala Meditation

"Welcoming the new year"

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In the mosaic of time that was 2023, we encountered moments that tested our resilience and summoned the best within us. While we acknowledge the chapters closing behind us, we eagerly turn our gaze towards the horizon of 2024.

Come! Join us in this 2024 Crystal Mandala Meditation that is specially curated with hundreds of crystals and gemstones that evoke the sacred circle of Divine Light. 

Bask in this light energy for purification, nourishment and empowerment to our energy light system. Reinforce our Earthstar and tune in with the cosmos in dynamic strength. Fill ourselves up for a year of positivity and growth. Make the new year one of boundless opportunity where our collective efforts yield fruitful results and our dreams take flight.

In with the Divine Presence, we seek connection, guidance and protection to matters we concern, to people we love, and to activities we are venturing. 

Let’s initiate the year 2024 with Dynamic Power!

Available Now till 19 Jan 2024

$300 per session (1 hour guided healing meditation)

To make an appointment, call or whatsapp us at
+65 8726 0038

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Over the years, we have held many different mandala meditation sessions

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