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Personalize your very own Crystal Mandala

Medha’s work continues to expand to allow each individual to possess their own personal Crystal Mandala. This personalized Crystal Mandala is a palm-sized mandala specially curated for an individual to achieve their desired goals and is a personalized symbol that carries a specific energy vortex to meet the owner's needs. We carefully select each and every piece of crystal and gemstones that go onto the Crystal Mandala such that it suits the individual's needs and their own unique energy. No two mandalas are the same. 

We highly recommend gemstones for its high and precision of energy. The luster and sharpness of colour are the expressions of their purity in essence that can transform energy in a vast, swift and large scale. They have the power to infuse intentional and intensive energy to sharpen one's magnetic force field and attract  positive energy.


A personal symbol is harnessed and evoked through the formulated patterns and gemstones. The divine creation is a power circuit angulating the various energies to effect the intent and assist you to actualise your goal, manifesting spirit into matter for personal achievements and transformations. Your Personalised Crystal Mandala amplifies the energy, directing the energy in a very concentrated manner to heal the subject so as to bring alignment, integration and manifestation to its optimal.

(Please note that all the Mandalas are handcrafted and the gemstones used may vary in size and colours. The pictures shown above are examples of customized Crystal Mandalas.)


Service Fee : $200

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a message for enquiries, or

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