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Crystal Grids for Homes & Offices

Setting up of a home crystal grid

The Crystal Pyramidal Grid is the best solution that allows the entire space to be shielded with positive energy. It is cost-efficient and benefits every member of the home, as well as plants and pets. Furthermore, it is able to charge up areas where stagnant energy is found. 

Pyramidal grids channel positive energy into the unit to assist every member. It also promotes good health, brings peace and harmony and circulates good energy within the space. The Pyramidal Grid shields and repels external negative energy which arises possibly from building structures, roads, and negative environments.

We are able to provide on-site consultation for the place of your concern.  By analysing the internal and external building structures, earth energy movements where your unit resides, environmental energy, and the flow of chi transfers from these effects, we will pinpoint the best location and crystals for a grid.

$380.00 (single level apartment) 

$880.00 (landed property and office)

$1280.00 (Area above 10,000 sq feet)

Book a Consultation

We'll assess the space, prepare a proposal and walk you through every step of the process.

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