Crystal Mandala Meditation

Crystal Mandala Meditation –  Love Moments

A special Gridwork is set using Love-stones to create a field of loving vibration to assist one to achieve personal desires, release Crystal Mandala
emotional stress, enhance relationship with spouse, siblings, family members, clients, colleagues and to boost personal magnetism. Participants will be well guided during the meditation process.

*Ruby*Kunzite*Rhodocrosite*Red Garnet*Pink Tourmaline*Rose Quartz*
*Moonstone*Rainbow Obsidian*

Time: Private Session (Call for available time slot)

Early registration is required. Call 6333 9593 / 8726 0038 or Email Us

For your convenience, you can arrange individual lesson with us. If you have a group of like-minded friends who like to attend a course togather. Simply contact us for arrangement.
Cost fee is the same.