Crystal Mandala Meditation

Crystal Mandala Meditation –  Divine Expression

Utilizes many different crystals and gemstones to form various patterns hence the sacred geometric can be activated into it highest power. With the combinations of both crystal power and sacred patterns, we evoke the divine force to assist in healing and transformation.

During the meditation, participant will sit/lay in the array of crystals to harness the essence of light. It is in this moment that we unify Light, Sound and Consciousness, the essential factors, that merge Heaven and Earth, Spirit into Matter, create a vortex of energy for true healing to come forth.

Over the years we have created many crystal mandala meditation grids intending for Health, Love, Family, Career, Wealth and Personal Empowerment. Many have benefited greatly. Come and participate in this great energy grid and experience the wonderful energy that can bring good to you!

Eight Temples of Wealth Mandala Meditation
Earth and I Am Mandala Meditation

We can also create your Special Personal Crystal Mandala Meditation for individual who has specific requests such as to achieve personal desires, enhance relationship with partner, siblings, family members, clients, colleagues and/or to boost personal magnetism. Please call us for details.

Crystal Mandala meditation is an hour private session. Participants will be well guided during the meditation process.

Time: Private Session (Call for available time slot)
Fee : $280/ session
Fee :$350/ session applies to Special Personal Crystal Mandala

Early registration is required. Call 6333 9593 / 8726 0038 or Email Us