Tarot Reading


The purpose of having a reading is to seek answers, directions and solutions to your worries, doubts and fears; to know how to remove obstacles, clear blockages and to avoid pitfalls; and to reap your rewards.
Living in abundance, love, peace and harmony.

Welcome to the game of Life, welcome to TAROT. The objective of this game is to understand all that has been, is and ever-shall-be. To play this intriguing game is to learn all about all existence — origins and structures — past, present and future.

This is done through the contemplation of images and pictures that when attended to with mindfulness, contain the power to propel the reader on a profound depth of intuition.

What happens when you pick a card ? Why that card and not the other card ?

Tarot like all other method of divination, works through your subconscious mind which is the all-knowing mind. Your hand is guided by your all-knowing mind to pick the cards. The Tarot-reader interprets the cards you have picked. She reads the Elements of the cards which corresponds to the four components of life i.e spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

She also reads the number on the card which is like a flow-chart indicating your position in the flow of life. And the Tarot Keys which represents your conditioned response to your activities and environment. Knowing these conditioned response, you become aware of your subconscious reaction to situations in your life and the opportunity to take appropriate actions to reinforce or dissolve it.
I am afraid to know. What if I find out that some thing bad is going to happen to me ?

Be afraid only of the unknown. Knowing beforehand will help you to prevent negative events from happening. Your fate is in your own hands, you have the power to change it. So know it and change it before it is too late.

How to prepare yourself prior to the reading.

You play a very important part in the accuracy of the reading. Try to be calm and focus on your question.

Tarot reading is not fortune-telling, rather it is a guide for those seeking lasting balance in their lives. Fate is in your own hands. You can mould it as you wish, this is how we can help you. You are in control when you know what is ahead, you are prepared. You take Actions rather than react.

Want to know where your life is heading, your career direction, where you fortune lies, when is Mr or Miss Right appearing, Is romance around the corner, health matters, is it time to make the move …

Unleash the answers that are within you, hesitate no longer … make an appointment with Medha for your reading.  

Fee:  $120.oo *

* Time is not the governing factor when we do your reading. We do not ends a session because the time is up or charge you more for extended time. The above stated time is to give you an idea of how long it will take for a reading so that you can plan your other activities. Our approach and concern is to allow you to ask all the questions that you seek answers to and not be limited by time.

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