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Crystal Mandala Meditation


A Crystal Mandala is a pattern that uses an array of crystal energy and geometry to create a sacred image that can bring about healing and transformation. The specific energy grid assists individuals in achieving physical healing, personal empowerment, harmony in relationships and the attainment of a successful and fulfilling life. 

In 1999, our Founder Medha started the first Crystal Mandala Walk, inspired during a crystal divination meditation named as Initiation to the Millennium Year. 

Enormous earth energy surges constantly, unfolding on a magnificent scale. This rapid movement brings about great effect onto every single being. The Crystal Mandala meditation helps us to stay strong and focused; it allows us to continue to connect our energy cord with the earth’s force field. It aims to assist each individual in achieving synchronisation with the rapid movement of the magnetic force field and connect with the cosmos.

The Mandala utilises many different crystals and gemstones to form various patterns in order to activate the sacred geometry to its highest power. With the combination of both crystal power and sacred patterns, we are able to evoke a divine force to assist in healing and transformation.

During the meditation, participants will sit or lay in the array of crystals to harness the essence of light. Participants will be able to unify Light, Sound and Consciousness - the essential factors that merge Heaven and Earth to create a vortex of energy for true healing.

Cost: $300.00 per session.

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