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Crystal Balls

Able N Trust (S) has been supplying quality products for the holistic community since 1993. We import our products directly from suppliers overseas to keep costs low and quality high. 
Each Crystal sphere is handpicked with good quality with a high-performance ability for healing and/or for exquisite collections!  

To pick out a Crystal Sphere, we highly recommend coming down in person to the shop as the beauty and energy of the spheres can be hard to capture in photographs.

Check out the categories below for more information on what crystal spheres can be found at Able N Trust! 

Amethyst Crystal Ball

The Amethyst crystal ball is carved from high-quality amethyst, known for its calming and healing properties. Promoting tranquility, clarity, and spiritual awareness, Amethyst is a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practices. It is 51.15mm in diameter and has a smooth, polished surface that allows for easy scrying and divination.


The Amethyst Crystal Ball is a must-have for any crystal enthusiast or collector and comes with a wooden stand for display. Bring the unique energy of amethyst into your space with this beautiful crystal ball.

Tiger Eye Crystal Ball

Each Tiger Eye crystal ball is carved from natural, high-quality Tiger Eye stone, which is known for its grounding and protective properties. Perfect for scrying or meditation, it can help you tap into your intuition and connect with your higher self. The unique patterns and colors of the Tiger Eye stone creates a mesmerizing display under light.


Use it for scrying, meditation, or simply as a beautiful addition to your crystal collection. Add this Tiger Eye Crystal Ball to your collection today and experience its powerful energy for yourself!

Star Garnet Crystal Ball

The star Garnet Crystal Ball is carved from the Star Garnet Crystal, each featuring 4-points or 6-points. Known for its properties of protection, manifestation, and grounding, the Star Garnet crystal ball a powerful tool for meditation and energy work, sure to aid you in connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition.


With its mesmerizing beauty and powerful energy, our Star Garnet Crystal Ball is sure to become a cherished treasure for any crystal enthusiast.

Silver Sheen
Obsidian Ball

The Silver Sheen Obsidian crystal ball is carved from natural Silver Sheen Obsidian crystal.

The Silver Sheen Obsidian crystal can act as a mirror to one's soul, boosting self-perception and allowing one to view themselves as others would. Correct utilisation will allow one to refine and progress themselves, enhancing patience and perserverance. As a crystal ball, the Silver Sheen Obsidian can be further utilised to resolve issues & conflicts. The energy it contains is able to penetrate directly to the core problem, providing information and insight.

Clear Quartz Sphere

Carved from high-quality Clear Quartz crystal, the Clear Quartz crystal ball not only looks beautiful but it also has powerful healing properties.


Quartz is known to amplify body energy and thoughts, promoting clarity of thought and aiding in decision making. It purifies, harmonizes, and aligns the physical, mental, and spiritual states, bringing balance and peace to your life. Add this stunning Clear Quartz Crystal Ball to your collection today and experience its transformative energy.

Rose Quartz Sphere

Carved from high-quality rose quartz, the Rose Quartz crystal ball emits soft calming energy in all directions.


Rose Quartz has the ability to gently replace negativity in its surrounding with the loving, gentle force of self-love, bringing about calmness & clarity to one's emotions, and harmony to one's psyche.

To those in its surroundings, the rose quartz crystal ball facilities the communication of love, bringing calmness & peace to relationships between individuals.

Smoky Quartz Sphere

The Smoky Quartz Crystal Ball is carved from smoky quartz crystals, which has the ability to disperse negative energy fields and bring balance to one's emotions and energy. The smoky quartz's intense yet gentle nature refines one's energy during meditation, clearing the user's impeding willfull-ness and bringing about clarity of thought.

Our smoky quartz ball are small, making it easily to hold during meditation.

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