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Ruby in Kyanite tumblestones

Ruby in Kyanite

SKU: 1179

This tumblestone contains the properties of both Ruby and Kyanite. It facilitates alignment of chakras, gathers & amplify positive energies. It provides for balancing of the yin-yang energies, bringing an orderly growth to one's intellect, emotions, and physical body.


The Kyanite portion manifests a sweeping energy motion, transforming negativity into energy which is radiant and clear. This property of Kyanite portion disallows the accumulation and retention of negative energy & vibrations in the Ruby, which in turns provides protection & security.


As an attunement stone, the Ruby & Kyanite combination inspires insight to emotional states and intiates the movement of the Kundalini within users. The spark of energy can be felt in the resting area of the Kundalini, and progression my be both felt and seen with the third-eye.


Each tumblestone varies in size, shape & weight. Pieces are randomly selected for purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific tumblestone in mind!

Size: 20 - 35mm

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