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Silver Sheen Obsidian Crystal ball

Silver Sheen Obsidian Crystal Ball

SKU: 1152

- Material: Silver Sheen Obsidian
- Diameter: 64.4mm
- Features: Smooth reflective surface, silver sheen
- Use: Meditation, self-reflection, decoration

- Benefits: Disperse negative self-perception, provide clarity, promote self-awareness, refinement, and personal actualisation.
- Stand included (As shown in image)


This crystal ball, measuring 64.4mm in diameter, is carved from natural Silver Sheen Obsidian crystal. The Silver Sheen Obsidian crystal can act as a mirror to one's soul, boosting self-perception and allowing one to view themselves as others would. Correct utilisation will allow one to refine and progress themselves, enhancing patience and perserverance. As a crystal ball, the Silver Sheen Obsidian can be further utilised to resolve issues & conflicts. The energy it contains is able to penetrate directly to the core problem, providing information and insight.

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