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Spherocobaltite (No. 450)

Spherocobaltite (No. 450)

Spherocobaltite, No. 450


Cobaltite-Calcite, or Spherocobaltite, is an excellent stone for those who support and carry pain for others. This stone may also be used as a guide to one's past-lives and gain access to ancient wisdom. Spherocobaltite is also excellent for inducing deep relaxation and ideation during meditation. 
The energy of Spherocobaltite combines well with Malachite.


Picture description:
Pictures 1 - 3 show the front and back of Crystal from different angles. The actual colours of the Spherocobaltite look less pink and more purplish-pink in person (due to camera limitations).
Feel free to contact us for additional pictures and/or information or come down to the shop for a better look :)

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